Find out Top Secret's actor, Val Kilmer's net worth and annual salary along with his acting career

News by Clarence Published on 30 Sep,2016 Updated on 30 Sep,2016

Just a few people on this planet can be effective in what they do; be it acting, singing, or anything as such. When you are talking about being effective in acting, you surely can't miss a name; yes, Val Edward Kilmer. An American versatile on-screen actor,  Val Edward is specifically notable for his role in the movie Batman Forever.



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Till now, with his diligence, he has earned an immense measure of total net worth. His dedication and roles in several hit movies are not to be forgotten for what he has as his earnings, now. 

Val Kilmer’s Net worth & Salary

If you are here to discover the Net worth of performing artist Val Kilmer then you are in a right spot and now you can end your research here. Kilmer’s total net worth is around $25 million as Per the Forbes calculated in 2016. His annual salary is around $3 million. 

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He owns an amazing mansion which is valued at the price of around $0.825 million . He also has an orange C70 T5 sports car with the market value of around $10,000.  

Val Kilmer’s Acting career

Kilmer began his career from the 80s. He co-authored and started in the play ‘How all it Began’. In 1983, he appeared off-Broadway in The Slab Boys. In the same year, his first off-stage acting role came as an episode of ABC Afterschool special called one Too Many. However, he loves his role in Batman Forever so very much and admits that was when he started getting popular. 

The Batman Forever actor surely is successful in what he has been doing for ages. Hope he will get successful in everything he initiates.