Find out the reason of actress Naya Rivera's magical transformation after plastic surgery

News by Clarence Published on 29 Sep,2016 Updated on 29 Sep,2016

Naya Rivera Dorsey, a beautiful part of the comedy-drama television series Glee, is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. With her good looks and attractive voice, she has been a source of attraction for the medias. Reports have it that the 29-years-old beauty went under a knife several times.

Naya Rivera’s Breast Surgery

Naya Rivera went under the knife for breast implantation when she was 18. The magnificent actress said that was the best decision of her life to spend $8K on it.

Sorry not Sorry: Naya Rivera's Book 

In her book “Sorry not Sorry,” Naya explained how excited she was to receive the present she got for herself on her 18th birthday, i.e. the breast implant. In her book, she has also shared her lighthearted memories of early childhood and fun time.

Rivera went all around the teachers saying she was getting the surgery. She said her art teacher was so stoked that she too had fake t**s and that she was very excited for her.  Rivera strongly defends her decision saying that she is still proud of. She thinks breast implant is a confident thing, not a sexual one. 

She has stated “I’d never even taken my top off for a guy. I hadn’t had many opportunities to do so, but even if I had, my bra was always stuffed with napkins.” 

People surely have their different conspiracy theories and perception about her breast implant but what really matters is her happiness. As of what we have known, she is all glad about what she has done to look attractive.