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News by Clarence Published on 20 Oct,2016 Updated on 20 Oct,2016

At the initial period of Mr. Eamon Andrew Javers' career, he was a Washington correspondent for Business week magazine who used to write about Washington lobbying. There he wrote about the Jack Abramoff scandal and previously unknown incidents of corporate espionage.

Javers who was born in America has now become a very successful journalist and has good earnings. His exact net worth and salary are still unknown to the media as Eamon wants to keep his private life as secret as possible. 

Eamon was a White House Reporter after joining Politico

After that, he joined politico as a White House reporter and covered the intersection of Wall Street and Washington. In Politico, he conducted investigations of the administration's financial bailouts and economic efforts, authored trend stories of Washington and broke news about the presidency of Barak Obama. 

Eamon, who holds an American nationality,  joined CNBC in June 2010 as a Washington reporter at the bureau in nation's capital. He also worked as an on-air correspondent for CNBC and covered the intersection of business and politics.

Javers is also an Author of a Book That Reveals an Unknown CIA Policy

Javers has many articles published in Fortune, Money, Congressional Quarterly and but he wrote at The Hill, a weekly newspaper covering congress. Besides  this,  he is also  an author  of a book "Trader, Lawyer, Broker and Spy: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage," and it revealed an unknown CIA policy which allowed active duty officers to moonlight the private sector.

Eamon married Mauren Ann Mathews, the daughter of Mary Hughes Mathews and Thomas E. Mathews of St. Cloud, Minn on March 1st, 2003 at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Washington. He is now living very happily with his wife.

Eamon has also appeared as an analyst of the major broadcast networks and is a regular panelist on "Washington Week with Gwen Ifill" on PBS. He was a finalist for the Gerald Loeb Awards for his coverage of market-moving financial data in2014.