Find out about Connor Hutcherson, the brother of actor Josh Hutcherson and actor of Tarzan II

News by Clarence Published on 01 Aug,2016 Updated on 01 Aug,2016

You will be surprised to know who was the voice of Tonka from the animated movie Tarzan II 

Greatly inspired by his elder brother, Josh Hutcherson, who is famous for his role in the Hunger Games franchise, actor Connor Hutcherson has been active in Hollywood show biz from the early age. He provided his voice for an animated movie called Tarzan II as the famous kid voice of Tonka. Tarzan II gave him the golden opportunity to work with Comedian Actor, George Carlin, who provided his voice for Tarzan II.  After Tarzan II, The young actor re-appeared in the box office along with his brother Josh in a romantic comedy named Little Manhattan, released in 2005, in which he played the role of Josh Hutcherson's younger brother.

The young movies actor belongs from an upper-middle-class American family and belongs to  English, Scottish descendants. His  mother Michelle used to work for Delta Airlines whereas his father Chris Hutcherson  worked as an analyst for EPA. He is well supported by his family to pursue his career in acting as we know his mentor brother has turned into the huge star in Hollywood.

 The actor has grown into a handsome good looking young man. Connor Hutcherson turned twenty in early may and is three years younger than his brother Josh.  Connor is only three years younger than his buddy-brother Josh. Our sources confirm the actor recently got his driving license and has a hot anonymous girlfriend. When he was asked by a fan in a red carpet appearance regarding him being mistaken as Josh times and again he replied as,

 "I am more handsome than Josh is, Well jokes apart; It is ironic how people get confused with me and him, we don't look alike at all"

Sources confirm that Connor has recently graduated his high school degree from New Heaven Elementary High School in his hometown following the footsteps of his Brother and is planning for a college degree. We hope he does well in college and gets some great roles in movies as all of his fans miss him seeing in TV show again.