Find out 50-years-old meteorologist Heather Tesch's Secret Married Life Details Here!

News by Saburo Published on 01 Jun,2017 Updated on 13 Aug,2017

There’s a less chance of a meteorologist solving the mysterious of weather until and unless they gain an understanding of the mutual attraction of rain and weekends. Here, we’re talking about Heather Tesch who has the right perspective about weather change.

Heather Tesch is a well known Television meteorologist, social media personality, and an entertainer as well. Besides, weather reporting, Heather is involved in Animal Welfare, Disaster, Humanitarian Relief, Science, and Technology. On board, we discuss  Heather Tesch's romantic life and her achievements!

Is Heather Tesch Single Or Married?

Heather Tesch, the former Weather Channel meteorologist is a married woman. She is a mother to a son and a daughter. Tesch's personal life is quite the mystery though. Tesch is active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but mainly shares her professional work only!

Image: Heather Tesch, husband, and their two kids

source: Facebook

However, Tesch has shared some of her family moments on Facebook. She seems to have quite the happy family!

Why is Heather Tesch Popular?

Heather Tesch is widely recognized for working at various weather channels and reporting the weather for different weather stations for fourteen years now! Tesch started her career as an anchor on various tv channels including WPXTV, WGAL-TV, and WCCO-TV.

Heather Tesch, WCCO-TV

Image: Heather Tesch, weather reporter for WCCO-TV


Tesch was hired by Weather Channel in the fall of 1999 where she worked with Stephanie Abrams. The on-screen meteorologist for Weather Channel, Heather Tesch, was fired from the job as the network updated programming and cut up to 7% workforce.

However, “Hurricane Candy”, one of the deadliest and most destructive hurricanes of the 2012’s Atlantic hurricane season kept her around a little longer.

Heather Tesch, meteorologist for Weather Channel

Image: Heather Tesch, Weather Tesch meteorologist

source: YouTube

 Currently, in her 50s, Heather Tesch has published a book called “HairDoodle”. She is recently designing an adult coloring book regarding adopting animals such as Lizards. Heather is quite the animal lover!

What Is Heather Tesch Up to Now?

Heather Tesch is fond of pet animals and wildlife alike, she's especially fond of dogs and cats.  Tesch herself owns cats and dogs at her home. The weather reporter often posts her love for animals as a most important trait of her life.  

Heather Tesch, promoter of pet adaption

According to her Twitter bio, Heather Tesch is a promoter of Pet adoption. She constantly posts animal safety and adoption related posts on her social media sites. One of the things that should be highlighted about Tesch is that she fostered kittens left homeless and deserted by a tornado in Ringgold, Georgia on April 2011. 

Tesch definitely practices what she preaches! That's commendable. For more updates on this topic and fresh celebrity gossip, keep coming back to ArticleBio.