Finally Donald Trumps COVFEFE Gets a Meaning. Know Here

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 06 Jun,2017 Updated on 06 Aug,2017

Well everyone remembers that tweet by POUS Donald Trump that made many wonders about what the Fuc*k was that.

  Seriously it’s not only me who had sleepless night cluing what actually was that ‘covfefe’.

Still, a mystery to many the word of the year by Donald Trump has taken a new turn. The impact of the undefined word is so hard that many entrepreneurs of expressed their interest in filing legal documents to lock down the rights to the word.

It is informed that soon entrepreneurs are going to put that word on shirts, sweaters, tank tops, pants, socks and to all other clothes for men, women, and children.

Source: TMZ

In addition to that panties, suits, bras will have that name printed on them.  Also, a brewery is all set to attach the word to their products.

Yes, this is what Mr. Trump can do. A huge publicity for his misspelled word.