Female Suicide Bomber Filmed Carrying Baby Moments Before Death

News by Riya Published on 11 Jul,2017 Updated on 11 Jul,2017

A female ISIS suicide bomber was recently pictured carrying a baby just before blowing herself up along with the baby. At first, it appeared the woman was fleeing the Iraqi city Mosul, the city under the control of ISIS, but recently a video emerged of the woman holding a trigger which she detonated seconds later.

A female ISis suicide bomber just before the explosion

A female Isis suicide bomber just before the explosion


The explosion caused the death of only the woman and the child while a number of civilians and two Iraqi soldiers have been injured.

An Iraqi TV station took the footage where the woman is seen passing close to Iraqi troops. As per Al-Mawsleya TV's reports she tried to blast the explosives kept under clothes as she crossed the soldiers but it failed to go off immediately and exploded short distance later.

It's been reported that more than 20 female suicide bombers picked from the civilians are known to have detonated explosive devices in the last fortnight.