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Popular American vlogger, Youtuber and social media personality Ricky Banks are better known online as Faze Banks. His videos have attracted millions of viewers and subscribers to his channel. His popular videos include Crashing FaZe Temperrrs Car!, REACTING TO MY GIRLFRIENDS MUSICAL.LYS and Logan Paul came to my house. He is more famous among the Call of Duty players. Banks is also head of the gaming group called FaZe Clan dedicated to Call of Duty.

Early Life And Education Of Faze Banks 

Ricky Banks was born on October 18, 1991, in Lawrence Ma s sachusetts, the USA, under the birth sign Libra. He grew up in Lowell and moved to Florida in his older years.  He belongs to American nationality and regarding his ethnicity, he is White.  

He graduated from Lowell High School in 2010. From his childhood, he loved playing video games like Halo, NHL, and Madden NFL. 

Faze Banks Career 

Banks started his career as a Youtuber in late 2011. He went by the appellation BanksHasBanks and after some time he changed the name to FaZe Banks. He posted his first video The Single Greatest SoaRing In Style on October 5, 2011.

He was hugely appreciated and got huge recognition for his videos on his YouTube channel.  He was able to gather a huge amount of subscribers and viewers within a short time period.



Stay tuned...

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In 2013, Banks founded Faze Clan while living in Maimi Florida and he currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the group. The nicknames of other group members are FaZe Apex, FaZe Blaze, FaZe Rug, FaZe Adapt, FaZe Censor, and FaZe Rain. FaZe Clan is popular on YouTube for its Call of Duty gaming videos.

He was a member of SoaR before he entered FaZe in 2013. As of now, he has co-operated with several prominent YouTubers like Logan PaulLil Uzi Vert, Alissa Violet, Rice Gum, and others. Besides gaming, he also is a composer, producer, and songwriter. 

Faze Banks Net Worth And Salary

Faze Banks' net worth is expected to be $10 million at the moment with an annual salary of $120 thousand. Being a famous YouTuber, Banks earns a good sum of money from his career. 

He drives a five-door ranger rover to evoke SE, which would have set him back at least $42 thousand. He lives in a mansion worth $12.5 million. The monthly rent for this house is around 30 and 47 thousand.

Banks has inked several tattoos from celebrity tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste, who charges $250 per hour. His tattoo of a tiger might have cost at least $1000-$2000.

He also has a huge walk-in closet filled to the brim with football jerseys ($150 each) and baseball caps. His shoe collections like supreme and Yeezy, that can sell for anywhere between a couple of hundred bucks to thousands in the resale market.

He recently picked up a pair of vans for about $215, and for Gucci tiger $650. He bought a pair of English bulldog pups for his girlfriend and dad, which cost around $750-$3,000.

This wealth has been generated from various sources. Among the sources, YouTube is his main source of income. He is also paid for advertising certain brands by various companies using his Youtube channel. 

MY NEW HOUSE: https://t.co/rYdnxYi0oe via @YouTube

— FaZe Banks (@Banks) March 20, 2017

In 2017 Faze had shared videos of his new house on his Twitter account and YouTube Channel. And later he also tweeted saying, 

I didn't buy this house

— FaZe Banks (@Banks) April 28, 2017

Faze Banks Affair, Relationship, Girlfriend 

Faze Banks is unmarried. As of now, he is dating Alissa Violet, a YouTube sensation who posts comedy videos. He met Violet in June 2017 and started talking online, gradually ended up liking each other.

He posted a video on his channel, named My New Girlfriend, on which she was also talking about their relationship. As of now, the couple is living a happy life together. 



He had a  dispute with Jake Paul, the ex-boyfriend of Alissa Violet. It all started when Paul accused Banks of a s saulting his a s sistant and even posted a video on August 18, 2017. Later, the couple hit back on Paul accusing him of a s saulting Violet while they were in a relationship. Due to which Paul lost around a thousand subscribers. Following all the drama, Paul later apologized via Instagram.

On average, Faze Clan members have more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube Channel, with some having between three and five million subscribers. The official FaZe Clan YouTube channel has 4.7 million subscribers as of 2019.

Apart from this, FaZe Banks has ama s sed 2.5 million followers on his Instagram account, more than 4.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and 1.91 million followers on Twitter.

Faze Banks' Height, Age, And Other Facts 

  • Height- Banks stands at a height of 6 feet 1inch. 
  • Banks' age in 2019: he is aged 27 years.
  • Hair Color:  he has a light brown colored hair
  • Eye Color: Brown 
  • Weight- 77 kg
  • Interests- Music, Gaming
  • Faze Banks' real name: Ricky Banks aka FaZe Banks and also known as Richard Bengtson. 

Here is one of Banks' famous YouTube videos.

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