Fan Thinks Ariana Grande Came Out As Bisexual As She Hints About liking Both Men And Women In Her New Single Monopoly

News by Dabria Published on 02 Apr,2019 Updated on 02 Apr,2019

Ariana Grande's fans think she came out as a bisexual after she rapped liking "Men and Women" in her new song Monopoly

  • The 25 years old Ariana Grande's fans are wondering if she came out as a bisexual.
  • Her fans started to speculate it after her lyrics 'I like women and men' in her new song Monopoly.

Just after the days of Ariana Grande's new song and video Monopoly, most of her fans seriously get shocked and started to comment on her sexuality.  The lyrics go like this,

I like women and men (Yeah)
Work so fuckin' much, need a twinny, twin, twin (Hey)
You'd be straight for life if I gave you my PIN (Yeah)
Even though we gave up that 90% for the win, go

After listening to her song her fans started asking her about her sexuality as if she is bisexual or not? One of her fans tweeted,

While another said,

Well, the meaning of the lyrics what she wants to say is yet unclear as she has not described it deeply. But after the release of her song and video, she said,

I .... love u bye. das dat on dat. enjoy" and "to friendship, freedom, protecting your energy and staying right in your bag we love you.

Before releasing this video, she said she likes to surprise-dropping new music whenever she wants. She also said she sings whenever she wants instead of waiting for someone to tell.

In her Twitter, she said,

It feels sm healthier & sm more authentic & rewarding. regardless of the outcome, i prefer this bc it’s real & feels happy. no games. i love music. i love the ppl i make it w. these past few months made me fall in love w this job all over again. so thank u sm for being down.

Well, it has been just a few days she has shocked her fans after she with her news released song.