Fake Suicide Belts Worn By Terrorists in London Bridge Attack

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 11 Jun,2017 Updated on 24 Jul,2017

A picture has been released by the London police that shows the fake suicide belts worn by the terrorist in London Bridge.

 3 men who had put the belts who threatened and attacked pedestrian.

source: tmz

 They stabbed many peoples going in the local restaurants. During their encounter with police, all 3 were shot dead. 4 unnamed police officers and other 48 were injured during the attack. 8 people were declared dead in the attack.

The devices worn by the terrorists was almost recognizable as real or fake. This looked very much authentic, and they used this to hold people at the bay so that they could execute their plot. This terror attack in London has managed to create a state of tension among the people.

 London is growing as the base of terrorist attacks. After the attack, there is high alert all over the place in London.