Failures Of Clinton And Obama Will Not Repeat: Trump On North Korea

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 19 Apr,2017 Updated on 20 Sep,2017

North Korea recently held a parade to show off the arms and ammunitions including missiles and weaponry.

The dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un conducted a missile test which failed to give a positive result. The world did not laugh at the failure but thought of Kim to be an aggressive and dangerous man.


Vice President of United States Mike Pence who was in the demilitarized zone of North Korea clearly said “We stand with the people of South Korea. And all options are on the table to achieve the objectives and ensure the security of the people of this country and the stability of this region.”


Previously the Clinton government and the Obama government have failed to make North Korea agree on ending its nuclear weapons program.

Clinton offered around $ 4 billion energy aid to North Korea in exchange for them dropping the nuclear program. Father of Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Il did not agree on this. In Obama’s government, North Korea made testing of different missiles and explosions for eight years which he did not interfere.


As by Sean Hannity and president  Donald Trump will be turning this around as those days of Clinton and Obama are over. He will take a tough stand. China has already taken the decision of breaking coal deal with North Korea.