Failed Attempt to Rob 50 Cents Mansion. Property Manager Witnessed The Culprit Breaking Through

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 11 May,2017 Updated on 31 May,2017

Curtis James Jackson III professional know as 50 Cent recently made legal actions.

A guy with intentions to rob the mansion was caught by police before he could make any harm.


As reported the guy who got arrested at 50 cent’s mansion had donned dress like a cat burglar.

He had worked on the research section before he broke out in the mansion. Though he was caught by the top notch security system.

Edwin Joyce wearing dark clothes broke into the house through the generator room and ended up alerting alarm to property manager David Holloway.


The property manager stated he found the guilty looking at the mansion’s ground through the garage when the manager came out of his home.

He was creeping through the garage when Holloway went on to connect with 911. Hartford Supreme Court charged Joyce on Wednesday. He has to surpass a bail amount of $125,000.