Experts Say Donald Trumps May Have To Leave White House If Found Link Ups With Russia On Election

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 27 Mar,2017 Updated on 15 Dec,2020

The investigation conducted by the administration of President of United States Donald Trump on his link ups with Russia has taken a new turn in the scenario.

National security Agency's (NSA) former analyst John Snyder has warned if Donald Trump is found indecent in the case then it can be the end of his white house tenure.

Well, it was claimed that Donald Trump's camping team was involved in misguiding the election with the help of Russia. Reportedly, FBI is doing the investigation on the issue.

According to independent, John Snyder has given this warning on his conversation with CBC radio. Snyder is a security expert as well as a counter intelligence office too.

He stated, “ not only those who are near to Donald Trump have to pay off also, Donald Trump has to face many circumstances if found guilty.”