Ex-East 17 Star Brian Harvey Posted Bizarre Video From His Last Month Arrest

News by Sammy Published on 24 Apr,2019

Former East 17 Singer Brian Harvey Published A Video From His Last Month Arrest Complaining About His Handcuffs.

  • Brian Harvey's bizarre video came out from his last month arrest.
  • In the video, he has shared about how he has been arrested for “malicious communication”.
  • He asked the lady police officer to adjust the handcuffs that he was wearing.
  • He was released under investigation last month.

The 44-year-oldBrian Harvey has recently posted the video showing the moment of his arrest. In the video, he can be seen complaining about the pain that he felt by the handcuffs after officers detained him outside his north London home. 

He posted the two-minute video on Youtube with the title, "Me Arrested" which had him telling the camera that he is being held for 'malicious communication".

YouTube: Me Arrested

In the video, he said

These cuffs are tight man' and as the officer loosens them he says: 'They're cutting to the bone.

Harvey was arrested on March 21 after he posted a troubling Livestream video, where he said that he is going through financial trouble and asked for a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May.

The Metropolitan Police Service said that they were called to Walthamstow, east London, following the report of a man threatening to harm himself, that man being Brian. 

Upon their arrival, the police did a welfare check and later, arrested a man in his 40s on suspicion of malicious communications. Brian didn't suffer any injuries whatsoever. 

The video Brian posted showed him being arrested for the second time however, the Police denied the fact. 

The video shows Harvey wearing identical clothing which he had on during his original arrest. The Scotland Yard commented that there had been no other incidents at his home this month. 

Prior to Brian Harvey's arrest last month, his former partner, Danniella Westbrook posted an appeal about his worrisome livestream. 

The former EastEnders star tweeted, 

I'm in rehab just come out of a meeting been hospital all day myself I really hope this is a hoax as if it's not my heart will be broken. Brian is a good good man and it this is true I hope he gets the help he needs..please dm me...

She also posted another tweet asking people to contact her in case they knew about Brian's news. 

A year before, Harvey made other concerned about his health after he opened up about his battles with depression and also claimed that he had not left his house in five years. 

Harvey rose to prominence in the '90s as the lead singer of the pop band East 17, later renamed, E-17.