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Evangelina Almedia Vangie became well known as the wife of AB Quintanilla III, a music producer and the brother of the late Selena Quintanilla Pérez. They had two children together. Vangie's life became intertwined with the Quintanilla family's journey to stardom.

Unfortunately, their relationship faced difficulties after the loss of Selena, in 1995, which eventually led to their divorce. Vangie's enduring presence has been portrayed in TV series and documentaries in Netflix's 2020 show called Selena; The Series. Let's dive into Almedia's life to learn more, about her experiences.

Evangelina's Early Years

During her years, Vangie, who was born around 1964 in Robstown, Texas held citizenship and identified with her Latino heritage. She came from a loving family of eight which included her father, Juan Almeida, and late mother Pauline Almeida.

Evangelina Almeida Vangie, born in 1964 in Robstown, Texas, identified with Latino heritage. 
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Vangie had four sisters named Rosie Pinon, Olga Almeida, Sylvia Salinas, and Sandra Zuniga along, with one brother named Mike Almeida. Growing up in Robstown, Vangie Quintanilla was raised in the faith.

Despite her parent's occupations, in blue-collar jobs, they worked tirelessly to ensure their children were well provided for. Vangie attended Robstown High School; however, it is unclear whether she pursued any education beyond that.

Almedia's Dating To Marriage Story

Vangie Quintanilla and A.B. Quintanilla got married in 1988. Their love story started in the mid-80s. During that time A.B. Was deeply involved, in writing and producing songs for the family band called Selena Y Los Dinos, where he played the bass guitar.

Evangelina Almeida with her family. Vangie Quintanilla and A.B. Quintanilla got married in 1988.
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One night at a club he noticed Vangie. They didn't get a chance to talk. However, she later found him at another club. Introduced herself which instantly sparked a connection between them. 

Despite the challenges faced by the family band, Vangie remained devoted. Became a part of the Quintanilla family. They even involved her in discussions about the music business, such as recording contracts. Their relationship also served as a cover for Selena's involvement, with band member Chris Perez.

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Challenges Faced By Quintanilla's Couple

The couple of A.B. Quintanilla and Vangie faced difficulties, including the loss of Selena, in 1995. Despite their family band's success Selena's murder(by Yolanda) had an impact, on everyone. Initially, the couple experienced happiness when they welcomed their child, Svani Quintanilla in 1991.

Svani Quintanilla  with her mom. Svani Quintanilla is Vangie's eldest child.
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However, the aftermath of Selena's death put a strain on their marriage. Vangie stood by A.B. During the court trial. It took a toll on them both. Even though they had another child together named Martika in 2000 they ended up getting divorced that year. Infidelity might have played a part as A.B. and had another child named Gianni in 2000.

Their divorce marked the conclusion of their twelve-year marriage. The couple's journey was filled with fame, tragedy, and personal struggles which reflected the intricacies of their shared history.

Vangie Remarried Robert Gonzalez

Quintanilla has entered into a chapter of her life by marrying Robert Gonzalez, a resident of Robstown. Following her separation, from A.B. Quintanilla, Vangie has chosen to keep a profile. Occasionally offers glimpses into her world through her Facebook account.

While it remains unclear whether Alana McGee is from Vangie's marriage to Gonzalez or a previous relationship she is the mother of three children and also a grandmother. Svani Quintanilla, known as Principe Q in the music industry is her child. Martika on the hand recently graduated from Calallen High School in 2019.

Vangie actively shares moments from her life with Alana McGee on social media platforms. Through posts, she expresses joy and pride, for her son's accomplishments. Celebrates the delightful presence of her granddaughter Yvie demonstrating their strong family bonds.

Quintanilla's Character In The Netflix Series

The character Almedia, in the Netflix series "Selena; The Series" was portrayed by Gladys Bautista. The series depicts the life of Selena Quintanilla Pérez, who was AB Quintanilla's husband's sister. Selena was a musician whose life was tragically cut short at the age of twenty-three.

Actress Bautista, known for her role in "Criminal Minds " played Almedia's character in eight episodes although her on-screen time was relatively limited. While the show had the family's approval some viewers expressed concerns about inaccuracies.

An article from The Sun pointed out inconsistencies in the portrayal, which led to dissatisfaction, among audience members who felt that Almedia's story wasn't accurately represented.

Evangelina's Net Worth

Almedia is believed to have a worth of $300,000, which is similar to actress Michelle Mylett's net worth. Following her divorce, from Quintanilla, she has chosen to keep her details and the settlement from the divorce private.

Speaking of worth, AB Quintanilla, Evangelina's husband is estimated to have accumulated a fortune of $5 million primarily through his music production career. His hit songs like "Na Na Na" and "Chiquilla" have played a role in boosting his wealth.

Although Selena Quintanilla is no longer with us her music continues to leave an impact. At the time of her passing her net worth was $164,000. However, presently it has skyrocketed to $5 million due, to the popularity and influence of her contributions.

Almedia's Social Media Presence

Evangelina is active, on social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook, you can find her by searching for @Vangie Quintanilla while her Instagram handle is @vangiequintanilla. However, her Instagram account is set to private meaning selected individuals have access to her posts and updates.

Moreover, it seems that Evangelina's activity on Facebook has been quite limited in years with her last post dating a few years ago. This suggests that she prefers to keep an online presence possibly restricting access, to acquaintances and close contacts since her Instagram page isn't publicly accessible.

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