Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, reportedly, want a baby daughter

News by Clarence Published on 29 Apr,2016 Updated on 29 Apr,2016

Looks like celebrity pairs are on a campaign of welcoming a new child to their family. Just after the news broke about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's new child another actor Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are also all set to welcome their new child once again. Mendes recently was seen hiding her baby bump in a shoot for a magazine. She confirmed the news of her pregnancy and is now looking forward to becoming a mother quite soon again. Mendes and Gosling already have a daughter, Esmeralda, who is 17 months old.

Mendes told the Today show that the pregnancy causes her to re-think her priorities before taking up any kind of project in hand. Gosling says to be delighted for becoming a father once again. He says how being a father has changed his life. He is very much excited for the additional happiness in his life. They both first met while shooting for a film together in 2011 and that's when the love story started. They began dating each other and apparently engaged. They are also said to be getting married very soon but they haven't confirmed anything yet of their wedding.

They both have kept their private lives really private and did not even share the news of Eva's first pregnancy. However, this time, the media has caught the news of their second child's arrival. Eva mentioned on the Ellen DeGeneres show talking about her pregnancy that it is going to be tough for their first daughter Esmeralda, as she is just 17 months. However, the pair is ecstatic about the new addition in their life. Ryan and Eva, also said they want a baby girl once again. These two actors combined net worth is $45 million. Eva's net worth is estimated to be $15 million while her partner Ryan's net worth is double her money, with $30 million.