ESPN2 Anchor Suzy Kolber's Marriage To Eric Brady, Is She Happy With Her Husband? Do they have Children?Details

News by Saburo Published on 21 Oct,2017 Updated on 26 Oct,2021


When it comes to Hollywood, there is no way that you can become or continue being in this industry if you aren’t good at your work. Especially when you're on TV.  Suzy Kolber is among the talented and strong ones! 

The well-known American football sideline reporter was launched in 1993 as an original anchor at ESPN2, and is still going on strong, Kolber is all about making a legacy. 

Let's take a look into this talented reporter's personal life- Suzy Kolber is married to her long-time boyfriend Eric Brady, how is their marriage? 

Suzy Kolber Married Her Long-time Boyfriend Eric Brady-Details Here

It was back in the year 2008 when Suzy Kolber and her boyfriend Eric Brady walked down the aisle. Though she is a well-known face in the industry and is well familiar with the limelight’s and luxury, she lives a very private life and also preferred her marriage to be the same.

When Kolber got married not many of the people knew about her marriage as it was a very private and low-key marriage - only special guests had attended it.

It’s been almost nine years since their marriage,  Suzy and Eric are still together and living a happy life at the moment, however, there was a time when the rumors hit that the pair were no more together. Did they almost divorce? 

Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady Almost Divorced: Here’s Why.

During the time of her pregnancy, Suzy reportedly said that she would be raising her baby girl as a single mother. Was this just a rumor or she actually said it? Were Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady ready to part their ways the same year they got married? If so, then how are they together even today?

Well, no one really knows why Suzy said that and what she meant but her father Gane Kolber sorted the issue saying that it’s their private matter. 

Whatever might be the reason back then, all that matters now is that they are still together and raising their baby girl together and doing great as parents.

Quick Facts:

  • Suzy Kolber was born as Suzanne Lisa.
  • She was born on May 14, 1964, which makes her 53 years old now.
  • Kolber was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • She did her schooling from Upper Dublin High School in 1982.
  • She graduated from University of Miami with a Bachelors of Arts degree in telecommunications in 1986.
  • After completing her graduation she worked at CBS sports in New York City as a videotape coordinator in 1986.
  • Besides being an American football sideline reporter she is also a co-producer, and sportscaster for ESPN.
  • She is also a national television spokesperson for Pepsi-Cola commercials and Chevrolet.