ESPN Reporter Dianna Russini is not Married Yet, is she still Single or in a Relationship?

News by Saburo Published on 01 Aug,2017 Updated on 01 Aug,2017

What are the qualities you want in your future partner? ESPN reporter Dianna Russini wishes to have an A-lister celebrity as her future husband. She once revealed she will never marry unless it's Ben Affleck.

Is Dianna Russini still waiting for Ben Affleck, note that he is recently divorced, or has she found someone else? We are talking Russini's personal life; is she single, married or dating someone? 

ESPN Reporter Dianna Russini is not Married Yet, Is she still single? Or  Dating

Talented ESPN Reporter Dianna Russini impressed the audience with her presentation and reporting skills. Unsurprisingly, she has numerous fans. The gorgeous reporter, however, has managed to maintain her solitary life. Russini is not officially dating anyone, she could possibly single. Or she could be dating someone privately. 

Dianna Russini

Dianna Russini


Even though she is enjoying her single life, the thirty fours years old reporter wishes to have a boyfriend. She once shared in her tweet in April 2013 that she is single and is in a search of a perfect match. She wrote: "Time to get a boyfriend." 

Talking about her dream guy, Dianni Russini tweeted:

 Russini wishes to have Ben Affleck as her husband but since that is not going too well, she is making do with other guys? Well, looks like so. Dianna has been romantically linked with many NFL players before.

 David Wright


There were rumors that Dianni Russini was dating Baseball player, David Wright in 2008. 

Wife of the former Washington Redskins General Manager Apologized to Dianna Russini? 

The former Washington Redskins general manager, Scot McCloughan’s wife Jessica McCloughan accused Russini of giving “BJs” for news scoops on her tweet on 30 August 2015. Also in another tweet, she again mentioned Russini as Scot McCloughan’s “side chick." The tweet is deleted by now.

Jessica McCloughan's tweet

Jessica McCloughan's tweet

However, later Jessica apologized  calling her tweet "unfounded and inappropriate" and she also said:

"I regret that my actions have brought undeserved negative attention to the Redskins organization and its leadership. My comments in no way reflect the opinions or attitudes of the organization and I regret that my behavior has in any way negatively impacted the team and its loyal fan base.”

Dianna Russini Quick Facts

  • Russini was born on 11 February 1983, in the Bronx, New York City, New York.
  • She studied at New York high school.
  • She is the only daughter of her mother and father. 
  • She was also women's soccer player at George Mason University.
  • Before joining ESPN she served for NBC-TV.
  • She also worked at NBC News, WNBC, CSN, NBC CT.