Esmeralda Gosling, know about this Ryan Gosling's Daughter

News by Clarence Published on 18 Apr,2016 Updated on 18 Apr,2016

Talk about luck huh? This little girl called Esmeralda Amada Gosling is perhaps the luckiest child in the world. She is child to the popular A-list actors Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes and even more so, the very first one to both of them! Esmeralda's birthday is on the 12th of September and she was born in Santa Monica, California. Her age right now is 18 months. We do not have the exact number 2014 on her weight but as she is healthy, we suppose she is somewhere around 10-12 kg on her 2nd year. Now, you may be wondering, neither of her parents have that middle name ‘Amada’, how come Esmeralda does, right? Well actually, ‘Amada’ is the name of a character which Esmeralda’s mother Eva Mendes played as in the drama called We Own the Night that came out in 2007. The couple agreed on keeping it as her middle name.

Thanks to her parents, she already has fame too heavy for a 2 year-old. But as that cliché goes, if it is written in your fate, nothing can stop it. We suppose Esmeralda is destined to be famous. Let us see how she carries the name and fame bestowed by her parents once she gets older. Whether she maintains it, boosts it, or lets it founder is entirely up to her.

Her father Ryan was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as a teacher in the movie called Half Nelson that came out in 2006. Both her parents have starred in several over the top hit movies. Ryan and Mendes first met each other while they were working together on the movie called “The Place Beyond the Pines”. They began dating in 2011. Slowly, one thing led to another and they now have a family! However, Mendes is still a girlfriend to Ryan; they have not been married.

Ryan seems to very much be enjoying being a father and considers his girlfriend and daughter as blessings. But even if Ryan loves all the fun of turning a father, the couple, for now, seems to be content with just Esmeralda and not really have any plans for giving her a sibling.