Erin Moriarty, a Reporter Who Spent 16 Years on a Single Murder Case and Her Brilliant Career! With Awards.

News by Saburo Published on 17 Jun,2017 Updated on 26 Nov,2017

It takes a lot of determination, hard work and constant effort to be a successful man. Contributing for decades on something is praiseworthy. And Erin Moriarty is praiseworthy. She spent 16 years on working for murder cases on '48 Hours Mystery.'

Moriarty is an American television news reporter and correspondent. She is famous for her work on '48 Hours Mystery' as a correspondent. Today, we learn more about Erin Moriarty, her career and awards too.

How Erin Moriarity on Trying to Save a Lost Life

Moriarty presented new information on CBS "48 Hours" and helped the officials to take a new look at Crosley Green's case. He is a Florida man who was convicted of murder and spent around 26 years in prison. And Erin spent 16 years studying the case. 

Erin Moriarty, Source: CBS

Erin Moriarty, Source: CBS

Moriarty worked on Green's case of '48 Hours'.  Green was a prisoner for the murder of Charles "Chip" Flynn in Titusville, Fla, who was sentenced to death in the year 1990 and was jailed ever since.

She first started to examine the case of Green after hearing from the private detectives. Detectives believed that the man was innocent. Joe Moura, who worked on the case served as a consultant for "48 Hours" report in 2015.

Moriarty revealed that the incident bothered her, she said:

I realized that this man had been put on death row, and yet there as no physical evidence at all to tie him to the crime."

Was Crosley Green taken off the charge? Well, the 48 Hours' episode called 'The Last Chance of Freedom' aired on CBS did help to start a movement sort of, in favor of Green. However, he still lives in Florida prison, suffering from a crime which most people now believe he didn't commit. 

Erin Moriarty's Career

Moriarty started her professional career in 1979. She worked as a reporter for a Columbus-based NBC affiliate WCMH-TV for a year until 1980. She even co-hosted the local PM Magazine at the channel.

Erin Moriarty   Source: patch

Erin Moriarty   Source: patch

Moriarty worked for the Baltimore-based CBS affiliate WJZ-TV, since 1980. From 1982-1983 she served for CBS affiliate WJKW-TV in Cleveland. She served as a consumer correspondent for "CBS This Morning" and "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather."

Erin Moriarty joined the CBS program "48 Hours" as a correspondent in 1990. She collaborated with colleague Nancy Giles on two weekly public-affairs in 2003-04 in Philadelphia. In 2008, she co-authored "Death of a Dream." The book is about the 2005 murder of dancer Catherine Woods in New York. She worked narrating the episodes of "48 Hours Mystery".

Erin Moriarty's Awards

For her hard work and effort, she has been awarded numerous times. Some of the honors she's received are: 

  • 9-time national Emmy Award winner
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Consumer Media Service Award presented by the Consumer Federation of America
  • 2-time winner of the Association of Women in Radio and Television Gracie Allen Award
  • Recipient of the Crime Hottie Award presented by True Crime Uncensored.
  • Top 100 Award from Irish Magazine honoree
  • Recipient of the 2001 Overseas Press Club Award

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