Entertainment tonight's host Nancy O'Dell is satisfied and happy with changes after surgery

News by Clarence Published on 28 Oct,2016 Updated on 28 Oct,2016

Plastic surgery has been a hot topic for Hollywood celebrities from ages. Some famous celebrities like Michel Jackson and Helly Berry are only a name nowadays plastic surgery has grown as a trend in Hollywood. A lot of the celebrities have undergone the surgery and the recent name to be added to the list is E! host Nancy O'Dell.

The E!'s host Nancy O’Dell has been denying undergoing any plastic surgery. But the image speaks for itself. So what is the reason behind her younger looks? Maybe she has found a fountain of youth! Or is it what people have been guessing? Paparazzi life comes with a price to pay, the silicon implant and all of the painful surgery as well as botox enlargement injections and steroids are what has helped her look sexier than before.

In this column, we will like to draw your attention towards her previous images as well as her recent images that show the difference in her facial structure and wrinkles.

We will show you her physical appearance focusing on her breasts and butt cheeks and clarify you if she has undergone any enlargement surgeries to her body parts or not.Getting knife in her eyes and the facial area has made her look younger, to be honest. 

Before and After the Surgery

After motherhood in many images in 2012, she is seen with longer and chubby breasts but this recent image with round stiff and tight breast does look like a magic.

Yes! of course it is a magic but it is the magic of skin friendly Silicon implant and breast reduction surgery that she got for herself recently. She has tried very hard to maintain the super desired MILF image and we guess the image is going to make here sex symbol image last much longer.

Before surgery, her figure was lean and tall but in her recent photographs, she is seen with bulky ass round and tight boobs and stretched facial structures with reduced wrinkles which need no proof. With age, people grow older but thanks to plastic surgery, it is helping people to stay younger than they actually are.