Emilio Estevezs Guns and Ammo Stolen from His Car

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 25 Jun,2017 Updated on 14 Aug,2017

Cops after the investigation have confirmed that Emilio Estevez gun was stolen during the car break-in.

Here’s report of exactly what happened.


The 'Mighty Ducks' and "Young Guns" star apparently stated that he was staying at the Oceana Hotel in Santa Monica back in May when the incident happened.

  Seems like Emilio has been careless about the stuff that is way more dangerous and he does not care much.

 Cops added that the incident took place where the scenario was he had parked his car with the valet and two days later when he got back to the car he found Glock and ammo were missing in the car. And they are unclear about the position where the gun and ammo were laying.

source: Zimbio

 Cops are investigating and neither the hotel management nor Emilio has made any comments about the incident’s development.