Elon Musks Tesla Roadster Being Tracked by NASA

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 11 Feb,2018 Updated on 11 Feb,2018

The mastermind behind the Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk,  launched the most powerful operational rocket in the world, Falcon Heavy on Tuesday.

To many people’s knowledge, it was a demo mission just to show that the rocket could fire up its engine and gets its space in the space.

Source: CNN

Usually, test flights are a dummy payload with big metals to avoid expensive damage if the rocket gets blown.

But This was the first time when musk decided to send his personal Tesla roadster. Well, all went good and the Tesla Roadster is heading for orbits around the sun. The Tesla Roadster has a starman mannequin which is dressed in a spacesuit.

Source: Mashable

As reports, the SpaceX has managed to hid some easter eggs in the car. 
A spaceman engineer, Lauren Lyons revealed some details about the falcon heavy. He was quoted saying:

You might also catch a glimpse of a smaller passenger, which is a tiny little Hot Wheels roadster, carrying a tiny little Starman,

Musk was quoted saying that the Tesla was quite a silly stunt for SpaceX. However, NASA has spoken to track and catalog the car.
Nasa spokesperson, Dwayne Brown shared in an email:

We need to have it in our artificial object catalog so that we don't confuse it with an asteroid discovered in the future,