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Ellen Heidingsfelder is a renowned American lawyer who is well-known for being the wife of Cooper Manning. While she is highly respected in the legal field, her marriage to Cooper Manning has brought her additional popularity. 

Ellen has been a supportive wife to Cooper and has had a significant impact on his success. However, there is limited information available about their married life, children, and net worth. It is important to respect their privacy in these matters.

Who Is Ellen Heidingsfelder's Husband?

Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning's bond has stood the test of time, with the couple having tied the knot in 1999 after initially meeting during their childhood. Their deep-rooted connection blossomed over time, leading to a heartfelt union in March of 1999.

Ellen Heidingsfelder and her spouse Cooper Manning have been together since 1999. SOURCE: Crumbs And Chaos

Since 1999, the lovely pair Ellen and Cooper's relationship has remained steadfast, with no rumors of any marital discord or extramarital affairs.

Educational Background

Ellen Heidingsfelder, known for her achievements as an attorney, had a successful academic journey. She demonstrated her athletic abilities by excelling in volleyball during her high school years and even earned the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the New Orleans area.

For her legal education, Cooper Manning's wife Ellen pursued studies at the University of Virginia and Loyola University's Law School. Her determination and hard work have paved the way for her success as a lawyer specializing in insurance defense and product liability cases.

While it is suggested that Ellen may have aspired to become an attorney from a young age, specific details about her childhood aspirations are not available. However, her education and dedication have undoubtedly contributed to her reputation as one of the best lawyers in her field.

Has Three Kids

Ellen Heidingsfelder, the accomplished lawyer, is a proud mother of three children. Her firstborn, May Manning, was born in 2002 and shares her mother's passion for volleyball. May attended Sacred Heart and later moved on to the University of Virginia, where her mother, Ellen, was also involved.

Ellen Heidingsfelder's family picture.  SOURCE: MaxPreps.com

Arch Manning, Ellen's eldest son, was born in 2004 and has pursued a career in football. Like his father and uncle, Arch played for Isidore Newman's football team and is currently a quarterback for Texas Longhorn.

Heid Manning, the youngest of the three children, was born in 2006 and is also a football enthusiast. He enjoys playing the sport with his older brother Arch and aspires to become a national football player like his brother and uncles. The Manning siblings exhibit a high level of competitiveness and share their father's interest in sports.

What Is Ellen Heidingsfelder's Height?

Standing at 5 feet and 6 inches, Cooper Manning's partner Ellen possesses a strong and graceful presence. Her blond hair and brown eyes complement her elegant stature.

Despite her achievements and busy schedule, Ellen maintains a balanced lifestyle. She is actively supporting her children in their athletic pursuits and contributing to her community.

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What Is Ellen Heidingsfelder's Net Worth?

Ellen Heidingsfelder, being a successful attorney, has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 million through her long and prosperous professional career. She is a member of the Louisiana State Bar and as an experienced lawyer, she may earn an average income of $98,465.  

Copper Manning's wife Ellen Heidingsfelder's net worth is $1 Million.  SOURCE: NOLA.com

On the other hand, Ellen's husband, Cooper Manning's net worth is $13 Million. He has ventured into various business endeavors and has also made notable appearances in the entertainment industry, contributing to the family's overall financial success and stability.

Cooper currently holds the position of Principal and Senior Managing Director of Investor Relations at AJ Capital Partners. Additionally, he hosts a show called "The Manning Hour" on Fox Sports. Cooper Manning has established himself as an accomplished professional in his own right.



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