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Eleanor Talitha Bailey, the daughter of the renowned American actress and model Devon Aoki, is carving her path in the modeling industry, following in her mother's illustrious footsteps. Much like Aoki, celebrated for portraying Suki in "2 Fast 2 Furious" and her iconic magazine covers, Eleanor has established herself in the world of modeling and brand endorsements.

Eleanor has graced campaigns for prestigious brands such as Adidas, L'Oreal, and Tiffany & Co., mirroring her mother's achievements. Eleanor's family legacy plays a significant role in her career, often appearing alongside her siblings in various brand campaigns. Notably, she serves as a brand ambassador for the travel luggage company Away, further solidifying her presence in the fashion and endorsement spheres. Her rising influence underscores her success while honoring her family's esteemed legacy in the industry.

Early Life Details

In 2015, Devon Aoki and her husband, businessman James Bailey, celebrated the arrival of their second daughter, Eleanor Talitha Bailey, in the United States. Eleanor's resemblance to her mother, Devon, is remarkable, reflecting a beauty that echoes the allure of her model mother.


Devon Aoki's daughter Eleanor Talitha Bailey in her early days. SOURCE: Instagram @devonaoki

This striking similarity is vividly captured in a childhood photograph of Eleanor that Aoki shared on her Instagram account, showcasing the evident inheritance of her mother's captivating features. Eleanor's mother Devon Aoki wrote: 

When life gets you down, just have a five-minute conversation with Eleanor. 

Why Did Eleanor's Mother Devon Aoki Quit Acting?

American model and actress Devon Aoki deliberately chose to prioritize her children and family, stepping away from her acting career as a testament to her commitment to parenthood. Widely recognized for her standout performance as Suki in "2 Fast 2 Furious," Aoki garnered acclaim for her acting prowess, earning a Critic Choice award nomination for Best Acting Ensemble.

Devon Aoki commenced her acting journey with the film "Death of a Dynasty" in 2003, furthering her career with memorable roles in movies like "Sin City," "Friendly Fire," and "Mutant Chronicles." Her final on-screen appearance was in the 2018 music video "Steve Aoki Feat. BTS: Waste It on Me." Aoki's decision to step back from acting underscores her devotion to her family, leaving behind a legacy of commendable performances in the entertainment industry.

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A Brief About Eleanor Bailey's Parents' Married Life

For more than ten years, Devon Aoki and James Bailey have cherished a loving relationship that blossomed into marriage on April 23, 2011, in Los Angeles. Their romantic journey commenced with a blind date, swiftly evolving into a flourishing romance that led to their engagement within six months of their initial meeting in 2010.


 Eleanor Talitha Bailey's parents Devon Aoki and James posing for a photoshoot. SOURCE: Instagram @jbailey13b 

Throughout their enduring marriage, Devon and James have cultivated an unwavering bond, serving as the bedrock of their enduring happiness and mutual comfort. Together, they have nurtured a beautiful family, raising four children. Their unbreakable connection and unwavering commitment stand as the steadfast pillars of their enduring and fulfilled relationship.

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A Brief About Eleanor's Father James Bailey

Eleanor's father, James Bailey, contrasts with her famous mother, Devon Aoki, by favoring a low-key lifestyle. He was born on August 3, 1985, and pursued his education at Harvard University.

James developed a keen interest in business from a young age, directing his studies toward courses in business and finance. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, James deliberately maintains a private presence, diverging from the public spotlight typically associated with his family.

About Eleanor Talitha Bailey's Grandparents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey's paternal grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki, was a versatile figure known as Rocky, making a mark in amateur wrestling and powerboat racing. Initially from Japan, he eventually settled in the United States and gained recognition for managing a chain of Benihana restaurants.


Eleanor Talitha Bailey's grandparents Hiroaki Aoki and Pamela Hilburger.  SOURCE: Instagram @devonaoki

In 1991, Eleanor's grandparents, Hiroaki Aoki and Pamela Hilburger, parted ways. Pamela, Eleanor's grandmother, boasts German and English heritage and is acknowledged as a painter and jewelry designer. Following the divorce, Pamela chose to maintain a relatively modest public profile.

What Is Eleanor Talitha Bailey's Net Worth?

While Eleanor Talitha Bailey has featured in campaigns for brands like Gap and Adidas, she has yet to establish an independent net worth and currently relies on the financial support of her parents. Her mother, Devon Aoki, leads a luxurious lifestyle as a highly regarded model and actress, with an estimated net worth of around $30 million. Meanwhile, her father, James Bailey, has an approximate net worth of $4 million.

Eleanor, along with her siblings and mother, proudly represented the travel luggage brand Away as brand ambassadors, a fact shared by Devon Aoki on her Instagram. Speculation arises regarding Bailey potentially following her mother's path into the world of modeling.

The family's affluent status is evident through Devon Aoki's ownership of three residences, two located in Los Angeles and one in Benedict Canyon, underscoring Eleanor's association with wealth due to her family's background.

Siblings Details 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey shares a strong and intimate bond with her brother and two sisters. Her younger brother, James Bailey Jr., was born in June 2011, followed by her sister Alessandra Linville in February 2013. Initially, the youngest daughter until the arrival of her youngest sister Evelyn, Eleanor, along with her siblings, has collectively engaged in modeling projects for prestigious brands like Gap and Adidas.


Eleanor Talitha Bailey posing with her three siblings by holding hands with each other. SOURCE: Instagram @devonaoki

Through her Instagram account, Devon Aoki frequently offers endearing glimpses of her children, portraying their tight-knit relationship and unmistakable closeness. These images beautifully showcase the siblings' deep connection, emphasizing their strong camaraderie and unwavering support for one another.


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