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Elaine Andriejanssen, born on March 28, 1984, is the wife of Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire Brazilian entrepreneur and co-founder of Facebook. The lovely pair married in 2015 and have a son.

Despite being married to a billionaire, Elaine chose not to rely solely on her husband's wealth. She is currently the Executive Chairman of EE Capital Pte Ltd, an investment company, showcasing her independent and entrepreneurial spirit.

Early Life Details 

Elaine Andriejanssen, born on March 28, 1984, in Indonesia, spent part of her childhood there before relocating with her parents to Singapore, where she grew up. Her star sign is Aries.

Described as having a vibrant and energetic persona, Elaine displayed a keen curiosity for life, exhibiting infectious enthusiasm for learning and exploration. Reports indicate she had a loving and doting upbringing, which might have contributed to her spirited nature.

How Did Elaine Andriejanssen & Eduardo Saverin Meet?

The married pair Elaine Andriejanssen and Eduardo Saverin first encountered each other during their college years in Massachusetts, despite attending different universities—Elaine at Tufts University and Eduardo at Harvard.

Elaine Andriejanssen posing with her husband Eduardo Saverin. SOURCE: The Straits Times

Elaine and Eduardo's initial meeting was brief, facilitated through mutual friends, and they didn't pursue a relationship at the time. After Elaine returned to Singapore following her studies, fate reunited them, reigniting their connection.

The romantic pair Elaine and Eduardo's love story blossomed in Singapore, marked by shared values, mutual respect, and evident compatibility. Their relationship was characterized by attending social events together, family interactions, and a strong bond, portraying a destined union evident to those around them.

Elaine Andriejanssen's Wedding Details

Elaine Andriejanssen and Eduardo Saverin took their relationship to the next level by getting engaged on March 27, 2014. The couple celebrated this milestone with a lavish engagement party at The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas in Bali, a luxurious setting matching the significance of the occasion.

The lovely married partner Elaine and Eduardo's opulent celebration was attended by family, friends, and distinguished guests. More importantly, their wedding was attended by the Grammy Award-winning artist John Legend, who serenaded the couple and guests with his popular song "All of Me," creating a beautiful and unforgettable moment.

Marriage Ceremony Of Elaine Andriejanssen

Elaine and Eduardo tied the knot in a captivating wedding ceremony held on June 25, 2015, set against the picturesque backdrop of the French Riviera. Despite the opulence of the event, the couple chose to cherish their union intimately, with only close friends, family, and notable figures from the technology and business worlds in attendance.

Elaine Andriejanssen and Eduardo Saverin during their marriage. SOURCE: Time

Following Elaine and Eduardo's private celebration, they reportedly enjoyed their honeymoon in Singapore before resuming their professional lives. Eight years into their marriage, the couple remains strong, focused on nurturing their relationship and maintaining a low profile, free from controversies.

Elaine Has A Son 

The romantic pair Elaine and Eduardo, now parents to a son, have deliberately maintained a veil of privacy around their child, refraining from disclosing details about his birth date or age. Despite Saverin expressing deep affection for their son, they have kept his identity strictly low-key, withholding information about his schooling and personal life.

The family resides in Singapore, where they manage their businesses and careers, allowing Elaine to maintain connections with her family in the same locale. Elaine and Eduardo's commitment to privacy extends to their son's upbringing, ensuring he grows up in luxury while keeping his life shielded from public scrutiny.

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Career As An Analyst 

Elaine Andriejanssen, more than a celebrity spouse, is known for her professional role as a Quantitative Research Analyst, reportedly associated with Franklin Investments. However, while there's speculation about her current position as the Executive Chairman at EE Capital in Singapore since 2016, this information lacks substantial confirmation despite being circulated on the internet.

Eduardo Saverin and Elaine Andriejanssen posing at an event. SOURCE: briefly news

On the other hand, Elaine's husband, Eduardo Saverin, a well-known Brazilian entrepreneur and investor, gained prominence for co-founding Facebook during his time at Harvard University alongside Mark Zuckerberg and others in the early days of the platform's creation.

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Educational Qualification 

Elaine Andriejanssen received her foundational education at Raffles Girls’ School in Singapore, renowned for its excellence in pre-tertiary education. Following her time there, she pursued higher education at Tufts University in Massachusetts, United States, graduating in 2006.

Although Elaine's specific major at Tufts remains unclear, it is believed she focused on a field related to finance. Her educational journey at these institutions likely contributed significantly to her subsequent successful career.

What Is Elaine Andriejanssen's Net Worth?

Elaine Andriejanssen, with a background linked to a family of investors, purposefully maintains privacy about her financial details. So her net worth is still behind the curtains.

In contrast, Elaine's husband, Eduardo Saverin, is widely recognized for his impressive financial success, boasting a substantial net worth of $10 billion. Saverin accumulated his wealth predominantly through his ownership stake in Facebook, a prominent social media platform, in addition to successful investments across various businesses.



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