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Edy Ganem was born with her full name as Edurne Ganem who was born in Modesto, California of United States. This actress is active within the industry from the year 2008 till the present context with huge grant of success. Mostly, she is recognized with her character as Valentine Diaz and her presence was amazing within Devious Maids which was a Lifetime Comedy-drama. Though she was born in United States her childhood was spent within Torreon Mexico and she was the eldest child out of 3 children along with having 2 Younger brothers as her siblings. Because she was raised up in Mexico she falls within Mexican and Lebanese heritage as her belonging. Edy father was a business person and she had her wealthy childhood in her early time.

Edy completed her education from University of San Diego and she has not much serious in her study due to her pa s sion in acting and film industry. At the early age of 19 she also got involved within the television works like the Cleveland Snow which is listed under the successful list of her life. Additionally in 2009 her work in The Way to Happiness is also listed as the best working of her with the character as Andi Bali. Likewise, Las Angeles of the year 2010 is also under the hit list of her success with the portrayal of the character as Conchita. The television works of her includes It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia as the best television works of her where she was portrayed with the character as a model contestant. 

Edy through the popular social networking sites stated she was pregnant in September 24, 2015 and by now she is the mother of children. This was flashed again in the social media that she became the mother of a son in February 2016. Edy has not mentioned the name of the husband by whom she got pregnant and neither her affair stories ever got publicized among the media. She seems totally busy in her movies in previous time but by now she is busy with her motherhood and care to her little baby. Edy only stated her married partner belongs from similar nationality and she has no any affair except her spouse. Edy is beautiful and her presentation is totally unique. She is also planning to get a new apartment for the better growth of the children and new environment.

Edy has a sexy body and excellent posture. Before her pregnancy her pictures were mostly published in the social networking sites that were getting much attention from her fans. The height of Edy is 5 feet 7 inches in tall and her weight is 54 kg. The salary and net worth of Edy is calculated to be around 2 million American dollars approximately in the year 2016.

by sanjeet, 21 Mar, 2016

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