Eduardo Cruz, his professional life, and his

News by Clarence Published on 19 Apr,2016 Updated on 19 Apr,2016

Who could have probably have guessed what a talented professional this little child would turn out to be when he was born to his parents in Madrid in February 27 1985? Well, in my guess, very few. But here we are today, witnessing the marvels of this Spanish fellow and he just does not seem to be finished. I am talking about Penelope Cruz’s brother, musician Eduardo Cruz. Eduardo was boiling with talent that was waiting to be erupted and at an early age 14 he had already begun composing. Towards the initial years of his career, his name was linked more to the pop Hispanic music setting. But it wasn’t long before he identified his niche. As a result, Eduardo made a paradigm shift to electronic and film music, and boy did it work. Bang! He gets his first film project for (get ready to be surprised), ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ directed by Bob Marshall –one of the greatest hits in 2011. In 2012 again, he got the chance to craft a soundtrack for another movie called ‘Venuto al Mondo’ meaning twice born which was directed by Sergio Castellito. Other than these, he has had numerous advertising projects for renowned companies like Lancome, L ‘Oreal, Epson, Epson, etc.

Shedding light upon his personal life and his bio, Eduardo had been dating Eva Longoria for a year which ended in the June of 2012. She herself made it public that they no longer were together. As of now, Eduardo seems to be dating the gorgeous model Paula Mendez. The Eduardo has been spotted with his girlfriend at numerous occasions. It was heard that Eduardo topped the annual list of People With Money of the “100 highest paid singers” for 2016. He has a height of 1.78m and has a weight of 84kg. On his net worth and salary, he just wants to keep it to himself so not much is heard on that. Let us hope there is more to hear from the Spanish star and his life in the days to come.