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Ed Harding is a notable American journalist. He has made his recognition as the principal anchor of the ABC-affiliated television station, WCVB-TV ( Channel 5in Boston. He co-anchors the 4, 6, and 11 PM editions of NewsCenter 5.

A huge fan of the Red Sox, Ed Harding, has been in the news industry since the early 70s.

Early Life and Education

Ed Harding was born in Newton, Ma s sachusetts in 1953. Harding belongs to the White American ethnicity and is a proud American national. 

Harding spent most of his childhood days in Newton, Ma s sachusetts, and did his schooling from there. In his childhood days, Harding dreamt of being a catcher for the Red Sox.  He later mentioned:

"When I realized I couldn't hit the curve, or run quickly enough, or catch fastballs at 90+ miles an hour, that dream went poof".

Following his high school graduation, Harding attended Emerson College in Boston in 1975. His first ever job was at the Star Market on the Pike in Newton which is now called Shaw's, Harding worked in the deli and seafood department there. 


Ed Harding became a reporter in Minnesota and Plattsburgh, New York in the early 70s. From 1978 to 1981, he worked at WDSU in New Orleans. During the early to mid-1980s, Harding worked for WISH-TV in Indianapolis as a reporter, he also hosted programming on the Indianapolis Colts. During the same circa, Harding also worked in Detroit. 

Ed Harding joined WCVB-TV in 1988 as a weekend sports anchor and the host of Candlepin bowling. In two years he became the anchor of the Eyeopener. Harding took over the prime-time newscasts in March 2007 alongside Natalie Jacobson, she retired from her journalism career on July 18, 2007.

 Harding was appointed a co-moderator alongside political reporter Janet Wu for the new WCVB-TV Sunday morning political program, On The Record, in October 2009.

Personal Life

 Ed Harding,64, has been married to Andrea Halpern Harding for more than 25 years. The couple has two children together. Their son, Adam Harding, completed his graduation from Emerson College in the year 2008. Following Ed Harding's footsteps, his son, Adam, went on to work as a TV news reporter in Boston, he is now working at the WGCL-TV. 

ED Harding currently lives happily in Wellesley, Ma s sachusetts along with his wife and two children. 

Interesting Facts About Ed Harding

  • Ed Harding's most memorable a s signment to date is the one that let him on the field with the Red Sox in 2007 after the team won the World Series that year. 
  • Ed Harding loves ice cream, Heath Bar Crunch is his favorite.
  • He loved math in school, Harding says, ''I can't add without a calculator today, but I loved math.''
  • Harding loves fishing, he is busy tending to his backyard garden and fish pond in his spare time. He also loves riding his bike. Also, he can fish with his bare hands.
  • What's a food item Harding can't live without? He says it's Chocolate covered pretzels.
  • Boston for Ed Harding is Home. His favorite landmark in Boston is Fenway Park. 
  • Harding's childhood dream was to become a catcher for the Red Sox. His favorite athlete ever is Manny Ramirez, the former Sox slugger. As per Harding Ramirez is, ''Best hitter I've ever seen.''
  • Ed Harding's favorite app is 'Parkbud', an app used to keep tabs on your parking meter. His first ever car was a 1962 Dodge Lancer in white.
  • Harding isn't particularly picky about the time of year or seasons, he says, '' whatever the current season is my favorite.''
  • Harding would love to sit with Abraham Lincoln if he could go back in time. 

Net Worth and Salary

Ed Harding is the principal anchor at the ABC affiliate WCBV-TV(channel 5), he has a salary above $50,000, as per statistics online, he could be earning close to 100 thousand USD yearly. As per Ed Harding's net worth, it is close to $3 million, according to data online, however, it is not an official figure. 

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