Easter Is Incomplete Without The Airing Of Charlton Hestons The Ten Commandments

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 16 Apr,2017 Updated on 17 Sep,2017

Charlton Heston who played the famous Moses in the 1956 film the Ten Commandments will be seen on Easter again.

Directed by Cecil B. Demille, the movie was released 61 years ago and is still the popular one.


ABC has been traditionally airing the movie and seems like this Easter the record will continue. Charlton who was seen in movies like Ben Hurr planet of the apes was a masterpiece in the tenth commandment.


He acted in a century films over 60 years.  Charlton died of pneumonia at the age of 84. He served as president of national rifle association too.

In the world war2, he served as a radio operator. 1959 Oscar came to him for his spectacular performance in Ben-Hurr. He was seen playing cameos in Hamlet, tombstone and true lies. His multi-talent ship landed him as a film narrator in Hercules. easter is also known as Pascha is a celebration resurrection of Jesus from death.