Dwayne Johnson, Victim of Hurricane Andrew Supports Victims of Hurricane Harvey

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 31 Aug,2017 Updated on 31 Aug,2017

The rock- Dwayne Johnson has accumulated aid for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The fund raising camp was launched by actor- comedian, Kevin Hart where he urged celebrities to match his aid of $25000.

Source: SouthPower

Responding to which, Dwayne posted a video where he announced that he has also donated $25,000 and also urged other celebrities to raise the fund.

He captioned the video:

Stay strong Houston and hold onto faith. Me and my family know what you're going thru. We survived the eye of Andrew and became stronger - so will you. All my love and strength. 



Later he went on saying that he understands the feeling of people who have suffered hurricane as he also has been through it and experienced the Hurricane Andrew.

Source: ABCNews

In August 1997, he had tweeted about his experience about the Hurricane Andrew. He wrote,

“The eye of that storm crossed directly over us. It was devastating, we survived and we got stronger, and so will you.”