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Drea Celina, a known personality, on Instagram and a popular social media influencer, gained fame through her association with professional boxer Ryan Garcia. She actively collaborates with brands as a content creator and shares a range of selfies especially those taken at the beach as well as family-oriented photos.

One notable aspect of her posts is that they often showcase swimwear and the latest fashion trends. Her Instagram account, @dreacelina has attracted a following of 150,000 users. If you're interested in learning more about Drea's life, career, net worth, and relationship, with Ryan Garcia keep reading the sections of this article.

Relationship Status

Since 2019 Drea Celina has been romantically involved with Ryan Garcia, a boxer, from the United States. Before their relationship, Garcia was in a partnership with Catherine. They have a daughter named Rylie who was born in 2020.

In 2021 Drea Celina gave birth to their daughter. During Celina's pregnancy, the couple faced a challenge when Garcia was captured kissing TikTok star Malu Travejo outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Drea Celina with her boyfriend Drea Celina has been romantically involved with Ryan Garcia.
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This incident put their relationship to the test; however, they managed to overcome this obstacle. Garcia publicly apologized for his actions. Expressed regret for any pain caused. Despite this setback, Drea Celina and Ryan Garcia have chosen to move and continue building their family together.

Recent reports suggest that Garcia is now involved with Malu Travejo in another relationship. Nevertheless, the status of his relationship, with Celina remains intact as they navigate the complexities of their lives.

Early Years

During her years Drea Celina, also known as Andrea gained fame as an Instagram star. She was born on January 12 1996 in the United States. Comes from a Mexican and Italian background. With a father and Italian mother, Drea embodies a blend of cultural influences.

Aside, from her social media success she has also obtained a degree from an institution demonstrating her dedication to education and personal growth. While she is public, about aspects of her life she prefers to keep her beliefs private.

Drea proudly embraces her nationality while cherishing the richness of her roots. As Andrea Celina, she has not only made a name for herself in the world but also stands as an embodiment of the diverse tapestry woven by her Mexican and Italian heritage.

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Drea Celina is not known for her expertise, in the fashion industry. Also excels as a fitness trainer. She has gained a following on social media platforms, including TikTok, where her account @dreacelina offers glimpses into her personal life through family moments.

Drea CelinaDrea Celina has gained a following on social media platforms, including TikTok.
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One of her standout Instagram reels showcases a lip-sync performance against a sunset backdrop. This particular reel has resonated with audiences. It has garnered over 200,000 views contributing to Celina's growing presence online.

With her talents and engaging content, Drea Celina continues to leave a lasting impression, in the fields of fashion, fitness, and social media influence. Audiences are captivated by her expertise and relatable family moments.

Physical Attributes

Drea Celina possesses a combination of features that add to her unique presence. Standing 5 feet 5 inches she carries herself with poise and elegance. She maintains a well-proportioned figure weighing 58 kg. Her warm and deep brown eyes enhance her charm.

Her brown hair frames her face with a touch highlighting her features. The measurements of her body reveal a figure with proportions measuring 36-24-36 inches. Noteworthy is her bra size of 34D, which accentuates her curves.

With a waist size of 24 inches and hips measuring at 36 inches, Drea Celina embodies grace, fitness, and aesthetic appeal seamlessly. These details contribute to the captivating persona she showcases in the worlds of fashion and social media influence.

Net Worth

Drea Celina has established herself as a known personality, in the modeling and social media marketing world, contributing to her net worth of $1 million. Her financial success primarily comes from her modeling career, where she brings her style and fashion expertise to various projects.

Drea CelinaDrea Celina has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
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In addition, her expertise in media marketing has played a role in expanding her financial portfolio. By collaborating with brands and leveraging her following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok Drea has been able to generate a significant income.

Drea's ability to seamlessly blend modeling with the changing landscape of media has not only enhanced her brand but has also proven to be a profitable venture.

With an approach, to her career, Drea Celina continues to make progress in the fields of fashion, modeling, and digital influence. This solidifies her reputation as a financially prosperous professional.

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by Joseph, 16 Feb, 2024

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