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Dontay Banks, also known as Abdul Haqq, is the father of the rapper Lil Durk. He became entangled in a crack-cocaine distribution ring in Chicago, leading to his arrest in 1993. 

To know more about Dontay's early life, life imprisonment, and its effect on his family,  continue reading the article below.

Early Life And Educational Background

Dontay was born as the fourth of ten children, with three older brothers in prison. The exact date of birth and birthplace is unavailable as he came to fame as the father of rapper Lil Durk. 

The educational background of Dontay is not available either. Before coming to fame or getting involved in crime, he spent his private life. 

About Abdul's Son

Durk Derrick Banks (born October 19, 1992), known professionally as Lil Durk, is an American rapper and singer from Chicago, Illinois. He first garnered a cult following with the release of his Signed to the Streets mixtape series (2013–2014), which led to his signing of a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings. 

A selfie of Lil Durks. A selfie of Lil Durk. 
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Following the independent release of his Just Cause Y'all Waited mixtape in March 2018, Durk signed a deal with Alamo Records in July of that year. He gained further commercial success throughout that year with his singles "3 Headed Goat", "Backdoor," and "The Voice;" his features on Drake's "Laugh Now Cry Later" and Pooh Shiesty's "Back in Blood;" as well as his album, The Voice (2020).

The following year, his joint album with Lil Baby, The Voice of the Heroes (2021) became his first release to debut atop the Billboard 200. His seventh album, 7220 (2022) became his second project to do so, while his eighth album, Almost Healed (2023) contained his most successful single to date, "All My Life" (featuring J. Cole) peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Bad History Of Rapper's Father

Dontay Banks, also known as Abdul Haqq, became involved in a crack-cocaine distribution ring in Chicago, leading to his arrest in 1993. In July 1994, Banks, along with three others, received a life sentence. He spent 22 years in prison before successfully appealing his sentence and being released in 2019—almost 25 years after his initial arrest.

The father of rapper Lil Durk, Dontay Banks, Sr., had been imprisoned when Durk was only seven months old. Growing up in Englewood, Chicago, Lil Durk experienced his formative years without his father's presence. Upon Dontay's arrest, authorities reportedly seized $8 million from him.

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What Was The Reason Behind Saving Larry Hoover From Being Arrested?:

In a recent interview, former Chicago street figure Dontay Banks disclosed that he received a lengthy prison sentence because he refused to cooperate with authorities by implicating Gangsta Disciple cofounder Larry Hoover. Banks recounted the day of his arrest, highlighting an alleged ultimatum from law enforcement: "Give us Larry Hoover, and we'll release you to work for us on 26th Street."

A picture containing Dontay Banks remembering Allah, religious god of muslims. A picture containing Dontay Banks remembering Allah, the religious god of Muslims. 
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Banks emphasized his decision not to become an informant, recalling the moment he defiantly handed his lawyer's card to the authorities, stating, "Call my lawyer." This choice, he asserted, led to his freedom 26 years later without compromising his principles.

Banks, identifying as a Muslim, underlined the fundamental belief against betrayal in his faith, stating that even within Islam, they reject the idea of informing and labeling individuals who do so as rats or stool pigeons.

Hoover has renounced gang life and is currently dedicated to mentoring youth. Various initiatives within the hip-hop community, including a Free Larry Hoover concert featuring Drake and Kanye West in December, have sought to support his appeal.

Impact On The Family Due To His 25 Years Imprisonment

The imprisonment of a Dontay had complicated and far-reaching effects on the emotional, physical, educational, and financial well-being of his children. Offspring of Banks encounter substantial challenges in emotional and financial aspects, as well as maintaining connections with their families. 

Dontay's imprisonment hindered the fulfillment of parental roles, impacted the attachment between father and child, and disrupted the transmission of the father's life narrative. Lil Durks along with his siblings faced over three times the likelihood of experiencing behavioral issues compared to their counterparts without Dontay. 

Recognizing the strong associations between parental incarceration and child health and behavioral challenges should prompt a reconsideration of sentencing policies, particularly for nonviolent offenders.

Dontay's Net Worth

Talking about Dontay's wealth, his net worth was estimated to be around  8 million dollars before his wealth was seized by authorities. The reason behind the seizure of his wealth was the crime Dontay committed as mentioned earlier. 

The seizure of his wealth affected his family. Banks's family had to suffer from financial problems a lot. 

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