Donald Trump Addressing Media Declared Congress Shooter Dead

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 14 Jun,2017 Updated on 25 Jul,2017

President Donald Trump came up to address the media on the open fire on a congressional baseball practice.

Addressing media he said that the man who opened fire has died of injuries after the shootout with Capitol police.


The shooter was identified. His name is James T. Hodgkinson who is a 66 years old man from Illinois.  Facebook posts of the culprit say that he has publicly called for the destruction of President Trump and his followers.

source: tmz

Hodgkinson on Wednesday went up to the baseball practice in Virginia and opened fire also striking Steve Scalise. At the spot, police officers strike him down after an exchange of gunfire.

Some of the officers were also shot and later they survived after treatment in the hospital. Trump mentioned the incident as a very, very brutal assault.