Do you know how much the child actor of One Tree Hill, Jackson Brundage, earned from the TV Show?

News by Clarence Published on 31 Jul,2016 Updated on 31 Jul,2016

15-year-old teen actor Jackson Brundage who played Haley and Nathan's five-year-old son in CW's One Tree Hill is best known for his portrayal of Jamie Scott there. He first played as Charlie Alan Smith in minimalist drama, Limited Salted, then voiced Pablo in Einstein Pals. It was a very good news for him that One Tree Hill was a very successful show during its nine seasons run from 2003 to 2012. He held the role of Jamie Scott on One Tree Hill from 2008 until 2012 after which he has been cast in the new Nick at Nite sitcom and See Dad Run starring Scott Baio. 

Jackson's acting career  started when he appeared as a son of a single mom and dancer at a casino on NBS's Las Vegas. However, his biggest break came when he acted as James Lucas Scott "Jamie"  As the show in which Jackson's payment got bigger, his paycheques must have gotten bigger and he must have earned a lot. 

Jackson Brundage, had roles on tv shows like NICS, See Dad Run, and You Gotta See This. He is being raised by his parents in California, the United States with his elder brother named Parker and a sister named Keely.

According to the latest news, the entire cast of One Tree Hill met up for a fun reunion in the weekend at Eyecon back where they used to film the show in Wilmington, New York. There they shared a lot of photos on social media of Jackson who was just a kid when they were at One Tree Hill.

Sources reveal that the current the current net worth of  Jackson is $600 thousand. He has the height of 5'2'' as he still has some growing to do.

A fun fact - Jackson put fake teeth while filming One Tree Hill as he had lost his two front teeth.