Discover salary, net worth, and reporting career of ESPN reporter Wendi Nix

Counting the huge list of journalist and celebrity who has its own space and own name for their recognition, Wendi Nix represents herself as the reporter and sportscaster for various sports events like WNBA, NBA, and other football and basketball games on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Sports and NBC Olympics.

Being in the sports media industry, the flawless beauty, and an excellent reporter has worked in several organizations in the past and in the meantime, she can be known as the successful journalist with huge fame and jaw breaking amount of net worth.

Wendi Nix Possess Interest in Sports from the Very Early Age

Born and raised in North Carolina, she has an athletic body and interest in sports from a very early age. Due to her marvelous achievement in the game that she played in the University of Pacific from where graduated, she received the scholarship and was involved in the University of Pacific (Division 1) Women’s Volleyball team.

She played for the team from 1988 to 1991. Similarly, she was also in the U.S.A’s National Volleyball team and played for the team from 1987 to 1995.

What is Wendi Nix's Net Worth And Salary in 2019?

Wendi Nix has collected a considerable amount of money from her illustrious journalism career. As per estimation made by various online sources, it is believed that her net worth is around $2 million. She currently serves as an anchor and sports reporter for ESPN where she is received $51k a year.

The journalist also made money from her previous work in many well-known networks like Fox Sports Net, NESN, and more. 

She Has Covered Different Football and Basketball Games Through ESPN as Reporter

After this successful sports career, she began broadcasting career at ABC Sports from the year 1995 and she has remained in the network ever since. She is also responsible for handling an ESPN sports show nowadays. She has successfully covered NBA, NCAA Basketball and College Football for ABC and has also covered NBA and football games through ESPN as a reporter.

She was also involved in CBS sports from the year 1998 to 2001and she also worked as a columnist for a Pac-10 conference on 2000. She has written several columns for her national volleyball team. She served Fox sports from 1999 to 1993 as a basketball analyst as well as a reporter.

Due to her high privacy, most of the information about her salary and net worth has been successfully hidden from the media by her. Recently, she is the wife of husband Bill Cox and the couple has been living together happily for a long time and probably they might be planning for some other children in the years to come.


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