Director John Gonzalez and journalist Colleen Wolfe are happily married life. Aren't they parents yet?

News by Published on Updated on 22 Nov,2016

30-year-old John Gonzalez serves as Director for the games airing on NFL Network. He is also an NBC veteran director who has directed four Super Bowls and worked  in NFL games for 23 years. John Manuel Gonzalez is a composer well-known for Steel Frontier (1995), L.A. Heat (1989), and Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed (1998).

Colleen Wolfe's career

Colleen is a former Fox 29 reporter and now the host of NFL Network that started in 2014. Colleen  began her broadcasting career at the local radio station called WIP.

                                             NFL Network's reporter Colleen Wolfe

She was the intern for the radio morning. However, prior to working at the station, she served as an analyst, shooter, editor, anchor, line producer, regular-old producer, associate producer, booking producer, and associate producer. Colleen started to work at Fox 29 since 2012.

John Gonzalez and Colleen Wolfe's married life

John Gonzalez and Beautiful Colleen Wolfe started  were  in a relationship since their high school days, i.e. 2006. Colleen Wolfe began dating with her long time boyfriend John Gonzalez after they met each other in a program. 

After their first meeting, they both started to fall in love with one another. Later, John proposed to Wolfe and began to date. In 2010, the couple decided to marry and live happily with each other. Prior to his married life with Colleen, John is not seen with other girls and there are no any rumors about their extra-marital affairs. In May 2010, WPHL-17's former reporter Colleen Wolfe got married to John Gonzalez.

      Colleen Wolf and her husband John Gonzalez

Colleen Wolfe's husband, John, is the Inquirer Sports Columnist/97.5 and midday sports-talk co-host. NFL Networks presenter Colleen Wolfe and John Gonzalez do not have any children till date. John Gonzalez, as well as his wife Colleen both, are engaged in their profession and career. This duo seems to be very happy with heir love life, so there is less possibility of their divorce. Hope, you can soon hear the news of them being parents!