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Deguy Alain Didier Zokora is the full name for the Ivorian Professional footballer, a Midfielder, better known as Didier Zokora. Born on 1980 December 14 at Abidjan of Cote d’Ivoire, Zokora cherishes the height of 180 cm and body weight of 70 Kg. Zokora is a married man. Miriam Zokora is the name of his Spouse. This couple has two daughters named Sarah and Nadya. He has their names tattooed on his left forearm. Also, he has tattooed the face of his wife’s face on his chest next to his heart. Zokoro has three brothers and a sister.

Two of his brothers are pa s sionate about football so they joined in Mimosas Academy together. Zokoro and his brother Armando were offered the professional contracts together in 1999. To celebrate this event, both went to the beach with their friends. Armando, who does not know how to swim was carried away by the wave and died. In the memory of his beloved brother, he tattooed his name on his right arm and kisses it before playing any match. It is his pregame ritual.   

Zokoro has got the nickname of “Le Maestro” from his teammates as he was the leader on the field and it became famous where ever he went to play. He regards former South African President Nelson Mandela as his highest market value was £14.40m in 2010. hero. Zokoro said he would like to open an academy for young footballers in Africa after he retires from the football arena. According to the salary statistical report of 2013, Zokoro’s salary is recorded to be 1.625 million Euro. His current market value is not revealed but his His agent is Change4S and has the market value of worth 3.200.000 Euros.

Zokoro started his youth career joining at Academie MimoSifcom in the year 1994. He made his professional debut from ASEC Mimosas. He remained in the team until a season playing 10 games with a goal. In 2000, Zokoro joined with Belgian Team called Racing Genk. He played in four seasons with the team playing in 122 matches with a goal score. After the end of 2003/2004 seasons, Zokoro started to play for Saint- Etienne.

He appeared in 66 matches from the team. After the end of the contract with Saint, Zokoro made his move to Tottenham in 2006. He had the very good time at Tottenham. Zokora appeared in 88 matches from this team. After the end of contract here, Zokoro was signed by Sevilla and appeared in 49 matches from the team. In 2011, Zokoro joined at Turkish Club Trabzonspor. He used to play from the Current Team of Trabzonspor as a Defensive Mild-fielder from squad No.5. Zokora quoted he was called “F**king Nigger” by a player called Emre Belozoglou.

And when these two guys met during the match, Zokoro did not leave the chance to kick his crotch with the full force of his right boot for the insult he faced from him which led Zokoro in receiving a Yellow Card. On April 2014, Zokoro got his contract expired and now he is unemployed.

Zokoro is a talented midfielder with extraordinary skill of tackling the balls. Zokoro has played in 118 matches making a goal for his nation Ivory Coast in the International matches from Ivory Coast National Football Team. He is the team since 2000. 

by sahra, 10 Jun, 2014

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