Denver DJ David Mueller Grabbed My Butt, Claims Taylor Swift and Proceeds for Trial

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 03 Aug,2017 Updated on 03 Aug,2017

Long after playing hide and seek, Taylor Swift is back to the limelight.

This time with a serious issue and standing for self. Recently, Swift claimed that during a photo op, Denver DJ grabbed her ass and she has decided to take this case to the court.

Source: TMZ

Well, to all who must be thinking that it may be an open and shut case, not yet. It can grow tough enough for trials like as one struggles to buy concert tickets.

According to the legal documents, David Mueller’s lawsuit against Tylor will have jury selection finalized by Monday. And later her countersuit.

To the knowledge, there are 32 seats offered to for the public for the hearing and will be served to those who reach first.

Source: Tmz

The documents also read people can reach by 6 AM and wait for an hour in a line. The first 32 in the line will get the passes.   Also, there are chances of Tylor in appearing in the court room every day.