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Deborah Mays, a retired American actress got on-screen acclaim with her role in the TV series The Greatest American Hero (1983). But it was her relationship with former American football quarterback Joe Namath that brought her to fame. They were married for more than a decade before they called quits; yet still, Deborah who had 2 children with Nathan, is famous as the ex-wife of the retired NFL player.

Where Was Deborah Mays Born? What Is Her Age?

Deborah’s full name is Deborah Lynn Mays. She has never confirmed her exact birthdate. As per IMDb, she was born on September 1, 1964, in the United States of America.

Reportedly, the actress has changed her name twice; firstly as May Namath and then as May Tatiana Namath, aka Tatiana. While some sources claim that it was a result of the death of her cousin that moved to change her name, some report she disliked being called 'Debbie.'

Deborah is reported to be a native of Pennsylvania. She is one of the three children of her parents. She spent her childhood with her siblings are Bud and Shirley.

As of 2021, Mays is 57 years old and she stands at the height of 5 feet 5-inch or 165 cm tall. By nationality, she is an American and her ethnic background is white. Likewise, she follows the Christian religion.

What Is Deborah Mays Famous For?

There is very little information about Debbie's professional career. Though she has not disclosed what is she currently engaged in, it is quite sure she might be doing some big or small jobs for her living.  The main reason behind her spotlight was her relationship with Joe Namath.

Back in 1983, she appeared on the television show The Greatest American Hero. In the American comedy-drama superhero series, she portrayed the role of Tammy in five episodes alongside William Katt, Robert Culp, Connie Sellecca, and Michael Paré. Additionally, in 2012, Mays was credited for her work in the doc u mentary, Namath, and appeared as herself. 

Besides that, her name popped out in the media in 2010, when her daughter Olivia was arrested for underage drinking and possessing marijuana.

Two Daughters With Ex-Husband: Married Life and Divorce

A love story from a vocal cla s s to marriage indeed was a dream come true moment for Deborah Mays and former NFL player Joe Namath. But their relationship sadly ended after more than 14 years of marriage. Reportedly, they met back in 1983 in a vocal cla s s, when Deborah, the then-aspiring actress was 22 while Namath was 17 years senior, 39 years old. 

After dating for a year, the now-former couple married on November 7, 1984, at Coral Ridge Country Club, Fort Lauderdale, Flordia. However, after sharing 2 children (both daughters), they divorced on June 28, 1999, ending a 15-year long marriage.

Why Did They Divorce?

Even though the exact reason for their divorce is yet to be out, there are a number of speculations made about the failure of their relationship. Although some cite that it was Namath's struggle with alcoholism that led to catastrophe in marriage, he was reportedly sober by 1987 (3  years prior to divorce).

After divorce, Deborah reportedly moved on with a plastic surgeon named Brian Howard Novack; whom she married and was living in Beverly Hills. This led to fans' a s sumption if she had left Namath for Novack.

However, she again divorced, ending her secret marriage with Brian. Ever since she has remained low-key about her personal life or relationship updates too.

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Daughters Are All Grown-Ups

Together, Deborah and Joe became parents to two daughters: Jessica (b. 1986) and Olivia (b. 1991). As per People's Magazine, back in 2007, their (then) 16-year-old daughter Olivia welcomed a baby girl, Natalia with her alleged boyfriend named Edwin Baker. Her mother Deborah took custody of the newborn.

Mays' other daughter Jessica is a divorcee; she was once in a marital relationship with Brian Kennedy. They married in 2015 and were living in a $1.01million West 70th Street duplex- a wedding gift by Jessica's father Joe Namath.

CAPTION: Deborah Mays' ex-husband Joe Namath with their daughter Jessica and grandchildren SOURCE: [email protected]

They even welcomed a son Jon, born in 2016, a couple of months after her separation from Kennedy. She first filed for divorce in 2017, but it was dismissed at first.

Then, in 2019, the new divorce proceeding got her rid of the marriage legally, but it did drag her father Namath into it, as her ex-husband claimed financial support for child support (since Jessica's father is a millionaire). 

Now, Jessia is also the mother of a daughter named Jemma, which makes both Deborah Mays and her ex-husband Joe, the grandparents of three. However, she is yet to update further about her new partner and baby-father of her daughter Jemma.

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How Much Is Deborah Mays Net Worth?

Deborah Mays’s net worth and earnings are not disclosed in the media, as she has kept everything of her away from the limelight. As an actress, she records only one acting credit in the TV series The Greatest American Hero (1983). But her brief yet impressive on-screen time saw her a considerable pay for sure. In the United States, the average salary for an actor is $57,000 per year.

As per some online sources, Mays has an estimated net worth of around $10 million- courtesy of divorce settlements with her ex-husband Joe Namath. Her former spouse, Joe, a retired NFL player has a net worth of $25 millionaccording to Celebrity Net Worth.

Reportedly, Namath inked $427,000 over three years with New York Jets as a rookie, which saw him $142,000 per year during the 60s. Moreover, his other rich contract was a two-year $900,000 deal in 1975 with the Jets; it is worth $4.3 million in today's inflation.

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