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David Claessen is a Dutch cinematographer who is known for his work in the film industry. He has worked on several high-profile films and TV shows, and his work has been recognized by critics and audiences alike.

David has been praised for his ability to create stunning visuals that perfectly capture the mood and tone of the films and TV shows he works on. His work has been recognized with several awards and nominations, including an Emmy Award for his work on The X-Files.

Who Is The Wife OF David Now?

David Claessen and Taiye Selasi are a married couple who have had a long and interesting journey to get to where they are today.  In 2013, Claessen and Selasi tied the knot. Selasi took on the name ‘Selasi', as suggested by her father, when she was about to publish Ghana Must Go.

Taiye Selasi is a British-American writer and photographer. She is the author of the novel Ghana Must Go and has written for publications like The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker.

David Claessen and his wife Taiye Selasi whom he shared eleven years of his life.
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The couple first met in 2011 at a dinner party in New York City. They were both invited by a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. After that night, they started dating and eventually got married in 2013.

Since then, the couple has been living happily in New York and traveling the world together. They have not shared much about their marriage on social media, but it is believed that they are still going strong.

David Was Married To Whoopi Goldberg

David Claessen and Whoopi Goldberg were married in 1986 after meeting during the production of a documentary. Whoopi was born in 1955 as Caryn Elaine Johnson to Robert James Johnson Jr. and Emma Johnson and was raised by her single mother.

David and Whoopi met in 1997 when Claessen was a cinematographer and director and Goldberg was an actor, comedian, author, and television personality. The two had both achieved success in their respective fields before they met, and their collaboration has since resulted in four award-winning films.

David Claessen with his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg, who is an actress and comedian.
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The couple's marriage lasted only two years, and they divorced in 1988. Whoopi has one daughter, Alexandrea Martin, from her previous marriage to Alvin Martin. David married Kareen Green in 1992 and they separated in 2002.

How Much Net Worth Does David Have?

David's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. he continues to work on projects that showcase his talent and creativity. He first gained fame as the Director of Photography for the French film Haute Mer in 1983. 

David then moved to the United States in 1986 and worked on commercials with companies like Cadillac, Google, and Nike, as well as music videos with artists like Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah, Jay Z, and Britney Spears. He also worked on films with Tyler Perry, Julie Dash, and Darren Grant.

How David Claessen Became The Dutch Cinematographer & Director?

David Claessen attended the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam and has since gone on to work with some of the most renowned directors in the world.

Claessen's first opportunity was the French film Haute Mer, directed by Argentinean director Eduardo Cozarinsky. After moving to the United States in 1986, he worked on The Telephone, directed by Whoopi Goldberg, and Getting In, directed by Doug Liman. He also won the Kodak Achievement Award for Best Cinematography for Marc Chiat's Every Dog Has Its Day.

The Dutch Cinematographer and director, David Claessen
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In the 1990s, Claessen primarily focused on commercials and music videos, working with artists such as Britney Spears, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Back Street Boys, and Aaliyah. He also ventured into international productions, such as Jellyfish in the Moon in Lithuania, Het Bestand for Dutch TV, and several museum installations.

Claessen has also collaborated with director Julie Dash on four films, including the award-winning The Rosa Parks Story, Love Song (2000), Brothers of the Borderland (2004), and Travel Notes of a Geechee Girl (2016). His only #1 box office hit was Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Family Of Claessen

David Claessen was born in Haarlem, Netherlands in 1959. His father was a retired two-star general in the US Army, while his mother is from Surabaya, Indonesia. He attended the Netherlands Film Academy (NFA) in Amsterdam and graduated in 1981.

Claessen's father is unknown, but his mother is Nigerian-born. His mother remarried an American, whose last name was Williams, and the twins took on his name – Williams. His mother and Williams divorced in 1981 when he was eight.

Claessen and his twin sister, Kehinde (also known as Yetsa Tulaki-Wosornu), did not meet their father until they were 12, at which point their last name suddenly changed to his, Wosornu. 

The only other known member of David Claessen's family is his ex-wife, Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi had her daughter, Alexandrea Martin, in 1973 with her former drug counselor, Alvin Martin. Whoopi and her daughter, who is now 45, moved to California to pursue her acting and stand-up comedy dreams. Whoopi and Alex have a close relationship and Alex has said that Whoopi is her hero.

Is David Active On Any Social Media Handles? 

No, David is not active on any social media handles like Instagram and Facebook. Though he does not have a public social media presence, his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg is active on Instagram and Twitter.

On Instagram, Whoopi Goldberg has over 1.3 million followers and can be found under the handle @whoopigoldberg. She posts regularly about her work, her family, and her activism. She often shares photos from her various projects and events, as well as personal photos of her and her family. 

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