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Danielle Staub is an American singer, author, and reality television personality. She came into the limelight after appearing in the American reality television series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Staub has also penned a memoir titled The Naked Truth and won the reality competition Popular Foods which gave her investment in the now-defunct West Hollywood restaurant Lemon Basket.

Early Life And Education Of Danielle Staub

Staub was born as Beverly Ann Merrill on July 29, 1962, in Athens, Pennsylvania, USA. She belongs to the American nationality. As far as her ethnicity is concerned, she comes from a Sicilian heritage.

Staub was adopted, given the name by Beverly Ann Merill, and reared in Pennsylvania. Talking about her early life, she said in her autobiography, The Naked Truth, that multiple relatives sexually abused her, writing,

 "The memory goes back as far as eight years old. By 11, I started fighting back."

Staub's Professional Career 

Danielle Staub started her career by appearing in the episode of All My Children in 2001. 

In June 2010,  Staub’s Wayne, New Jersey house, which had been highlighted on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, was put up for sale.

In September 2010, Staub appeared on the Style Network comedy show Dish. She acted in various sketches, including the surprise cold open, where she worked to take over as the show’s manager after leaving the real presenter, Danielle Fishel, bound and gagged backstage.

The appearance gained media attention after one sketch, which some commentators said parodied Staub castmate Teresa Giudice by portraying her as a Monkey.

 In June 2012, Staub filed for bankruptcy. At the end of 2014, the property was classified as a short sale in combination with Staub’s successful completion of a bankruptcy filing.

Danielle Staub's Net Worth, Salary, And Major Source Of Income

Danielle Staub has earned money from her career. Nonetheless, her estimated net worth in 2019 is $1 million per celebrity net worth, which hits a similar range to the net worth of  Jodie Comer.

In June 2013, the TV personality bought her house for $899 thousand. The mansion was nestled in New Jersey. She originally purchased the home for $1.03 million in 1998. In 2011, she made around $64.7 thousand from her work with Dial-A-Star and for winning the massive reality TV flop Famous Food. 

Staub may generate some amount of money from her Instagram platform. Following the data of Influencing Marketing Hub, she may earn $1,332 to $2,221 per sponsor post. Also, she may make money from brand deals, advertising, and promotions. 

You can find her Instagram handle with the username@daniellestaub, who has gained 446 thousand followers on Instagram. 

Danielle Staub's Husband And Kids

Danielle Staub has married twice and has been engaged for the 21st time. She was first married to Kevin Mehar in 1986, but they did not continue their married relationship and divorced in 1987. That concluded with their marriage lasting for a year.

Then, Staub married Thomas N. Staub, with whom she was blessed with two children, a daughter, Christine Staub, born on December 4, 1993, and Jillian Staub, born on May 14, 1998. Unfortunately, they got divorced in 2007.

Staub’s ex-husband Kevin Maher claimed her for defamation of character after allegations were made about him. However, it was settled out of court.

 In October 2010, Staub was accused again by Maher for making wrong accusations in her memoir. After printing, the publisher Schuster & Simon, a lawsuit would be filed if the book was published. 

Staub started dating Marty Caffrey and later announced the engagement in May 2017. She was formerly engaged to Joseph Masalta from August 2015 to December 2015 after her divorce from her ex-husband Thomas N. Staub. Staub and her ex-hubby Marty tied the knot in May 2018, and a few months later, it was announced that the two would divorce, which was finalized on Feb 2019. 

Staub became engaged for the 21st time to Olivier Maier on February 28, 2019. But they called off their engagement on March 4, 2019

Danielle Staub's height, age, and Other Facts

  • Danielle Staub's age: July 29, 1962 (age 56)
  • Staub's height: 5ft 7 inches (1.75m)

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