Daniel Radcliffe admits being scared of Alan Rickman in Harry Potter

News by Clarence Published on 13 May,2016 Updated on 13 May,2016

With the death of the hugely famous Severus Snape of the Harry Potter film series, Daniel Radcliffe has opened up about being scared of Alan, who played the role of Severus on the film series. Daniel was extremely young when he won his role in the big screen adaptation of the massively popular Harry Potter book series and it seems extremely probable for the star to have been terrified of Alan Rickman who recently died at the age of 69 due to cancer and has been remembered fondly by all Harry Potter fans.

Radcliffe who has a net worth of a whopping 110 million dollars, admits to being extremely terrified of Alan when he first met the older man. Initially, he was extremely terrified of him according to Radcliffe, but later became accustomed to be good nature of Alan. Radcliffe remembered him as being extremely funny with a deep and intimidating voice. The actor died at the age of 69 due to cancer and Radcliffe went on to give a hugely touching remembrance of Alan calling him one of the greatest actors that he will ever work with. 

The 26 year old actor is now working in movies like Horns, Trainwreck and Swiss Army Man and has been involved with the production of the role of Now You See Me 2. He has been known to have dated Laura O’Toole previously and was involved in a relationship with Alana Dawes n 2008. According to rumors, he dated Olive Uniacke on 2012 and was with Rosanne Coker from 2010 to 2012. Since 2012, his girlfriend is the beautiful Erin Darke and post his success in Harry Potter, Radcliffe seems to be moving on towards greater heights of success with his appearances on several film roles. His status as the most earning young actor still remains large and he will surely continue his endeavors in the acting fraternity in the years to come.