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Dale Godboldo was born with his birth name as Dale Eugene Godboldo III. Dale was born in July 5, 1975 and he is working sincerely across television and film with his identity being as an actor. The active years of Dale started from the year 1991 till the year 2008 with the great ratio of success. Dale was born in Dallas, Texas of United States and he is often dictated out with his other name as Dale Godboldo, Jr. He was interested working into the entertainment industry with the encouragement of his father that he had obtained. Dale father was also working into theatre during his early times therefore he encouraged his son also to obtain his career from the very industry.

Dale was engaged into acting from the very early age of his time. During the time when he was a teen he got appeared within The Mickey Mouse Club and this was during the year 1990. With the high ratio of success and achievement he again took a part with the character of Connor within Cold Hearts in the same year which was also a remarkable symbol of achievements. Additionally with one after another his best was in the year 2001 in the film named Firetrap with his character as Vincent which was also a symbol of his higher stages in his career life. He also got starred with Samuel L. Jackson within the theatre movie named Lakeview Terrace.

Looking to the different part of Dale and going to his personal bio making his career aside, there is no any detail information available in his weak bio of personal interest, hobbies and affairs. Similarly, as according to his fans it is guessed that he is not a married man at all and there is no any dictation of his spouse in his bio and neither there are any details about his children from where it can be dictated that he is not a married man. Dale bio is stronger with the example of his independency. He struggled a lot to stand in his strong professional career. Dale loves playing basketball in his free time along with his friends and he is also a good guitar player. Dale is a multi-talented personality indeed and there is no any rumor across regarding his sexuality. As well as Dale is not a gay at all. Dale is instead of this is searching for a good partner who can understand him and accept for what he is doing now.

Dale’s height is 5 feet 7 inches in tall and his has a very appropriate weight which is proved by looking at his pictures. Additionally he is capable enough with earning in his salary as well as his amazing sum of net worth is even estimated by the media which is around 7 million American dollars in today.

by Bchrome, 22 Feb, 2016

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