Couple Falls 50 Ft. Down A Bridge To Death While Kissing

News by Joey Jordan Published on 08 Aug,2019 Updated on 08 Aug,2019

A Peruvian Couple, Who Were Kissing On A Bridge, Fell Fifty Feet Down To Deaths

  • Lovebirds who were kissing against the railing of a bridge in Peru fell 50 ft. down to their deaths last Saturday.
  • According to the reports, the couple went for a night out. And when they were heading back to their home, they stopped at the bridge and started making out.
  • The horrific moment was caught on CCTV camera.
  • All of a sudden, the girl appeared to lose her balance and started falling down, taking her partner with her.

A couple tragically fell 50 ft. down a bridge to their deaths after they stopped there to share some romantic moments following a night out in Peru.

Hector Vidal and Maybeth were heading to their home from a nightclub in Cusco last Saturday while they tumbled over the fence of the Bethlehem Bridge and fell to death. The horrific moment was captured on a CCTV camera.

According to the reports from local media, the couple left the nightclub after 1 am. The CCTV footage shows them leaning against the railing hugging and kissing. All of a sudden, Maybeth, who was sitting on the railing, tries to wrap her legs around her partner. However, she seems to lose her balance and begins falling backwards; taking Hector with her.

Hector was seen trying to cling to the barrier, however, was unable to make the grip on the metal bar. Maybeth died at the scene while Hector sustained a severely fractured skull, who died later in hospital.

As per the local media reports, the couple was mountaineers who relocated to the Cusco to work as tour guides. Their bodies were transferred to their hometown Ancash in northern Peru.