Correspondent Linzie Janis is happily married to Broadcast Producer John Ferracane

News by Clarence Published on 08 Nov,2016 Updated on 08 Nov,2016

ABC's Linzie and her husband John Ferracane met on the sets of their show GMA in May 2013.John Ferracane feels blessed that within a week of walking into a new job at "Good Morning America", he found the woman of his dreams right in the office.

Correspondent Lenzie Janis's married life with John Ferracane:

The pair exchanged their rings on the beach and celebrated poolside with close family. Janis and her lover Ferracane announced their engagement in June 2014.

                      ABC's Lenzie Janis and GMA's John Ferracane happily married for around a year

This newly married couple opted out their traditional first dance. Before the wedding ceremony, John reportedly said that he could not wait to escape to Jamaica and tie the knot to the most charming woman in front of their families. Correspondent Linzie Janis and her boyfriend left their ABC newsroom for a few days to get joined in holy matrimony for around a year in Jamaica.

     GMA's John Ferracane Marries ABC News' Linzie Janis in Jamaica

Broadcast Producer John Ferracane and Linzie Janis got married in a ceremony at the Round Hill Resort and Villas in Montego Bay,Jamaica,on 21 May 2015 evening. The pair  can also be considered as a match made in journalism heaven.

                     ABC News Correspondent Lenzie Janis Weds John Ferracane In Jamaica 

An American TV journalist, Lenzie Janis has been quite active on social networking since tying the knot. Both Lenzie and John shared their precious life moments including some photos with their fans from the event on the social sites. Though none of them are unavailable to respond on this matter,it is probably sure that this happy duo started thinking about increasing their family.

There were bits of rumor in regards to Lenzie's separation with her husband and engagement to John Ferracane which was fake. Her data about individual life and wedded existence with John is kept private.However, this couple appears to be so cheerful and happy with each other which limits the rumor within itself.