Congressman Richard Says Trump Is Encouraging Stereotypes about All Black Men Are Dangerous

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 23 Jun,2017 Updated on 13 Aug,2017

Congressman Richmond came up with a racist comment on President DonaldTrump.

He talks about the killing of Philando Castile.

source: college magazine

 In a statement, he said that the national rifle association along with Donald Trump are being stereotyped calling all black men are dangerous.

He also claimed that the silence over the killing of Philando Castile is the proof of this stereotype racism.

Tmz reported the news talking with Richmond who was on Capitol Hill on Thursday. It seems that both the president trump and national rifle association did not speak up about the second amendment about the killing of Philando.

Also, adding Richmond confirmed that Philando was carrying a legal gun. He was shot 7 times at point blank range.

The congressman who holds the chair in the powerful black caucus said that President Trump and NRA did not defend Philander's right to bear arms.

 Well, the news is still making debates and reports of the court procedures are yet to come.