Colorado School Shooting: One Student Died And Eight Left Injured

News by Joey Jordan Published on 08 May,2019

One Student Killed And Eight Others Wounded In A School Shooting In Colorado

  • One student died and eight others injured in a shooting at a Colorado school.
  • Two suspects, who are believed to be students at the school, were arrested later Tuesday.
  • The shooting occurred just weeks after the Columbine School marked the 20th anniversary of its deadly fire.
  • There were also two shooters in Columbine shooting, however, the shooters had killed themselves after gunning their victims down.

One student killed and eight others left injured in a Colorado school shooting Tuesday afternoon, 7th May.

Two suspects were arrested later Tuesday in connection with Stem School Highlands Ranch shooting. Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said the suspects are believed to be students at the school.

The shooting comes weeks after the area marked the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. On April 20, 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 13 people.

CAPTION: Frightened students at the STEM School Highlands Ranch after Tuesday's shooting SOURCE: Los Angeles Times

Tuesday's shooting shared a different connection with the Columbine attack as both the shooting had two shooters. Author Dave Cullen who wrote Parkland: Birth of a Movement and Columbine told CNN,

It's pretty rare. It's usually a leader and a follower. It's a whole different, specific psychology going on there.

Cullen further said shooters like those involved in Tuesday's attack study previous attacks-specifically the Columbine killers. Cullen added.

Studying Eric and Dylan from Columbine, and then so many of those studying each other... There's a whole web of them.

The Columbine School shooters had killed themselves after shooting their victims. Authorities took 47 minutes to enter the school after the shooting unfolded and five long hours to declare the school was under control.

But, on Tuesday, the school informed the authorities within minutes after the shooting began and the first responders arrived within two minutes and engaged with the suspects, said, Sheriff Spurlock.

The motive for Tuesday's shooting is yet to be identified.