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Facts of Collier Landry
Date of Birth: 1978
Birth Nation: United States of America
Name Collier Landry
Birth Name Collier Landry Boyle
Father Dr. John Boyle
Mother Noreen Boyle
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Ohio, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Profession Cinematographer, Film Producer
Net Worth $500k
Girlfriend Kirstie Turney
Education bachelorís degree in fine arts from Ohio State University
Sisters 1 (adopted)
Siblings 1
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“The human spirit has the strength to come through and always prevails”, this statement has never been truer than in the case Collier Landry. He has endured a lot of trauma as a child as his father murdered his mother. He later made a documentary on the incident titled A Murder in Mansfield. 30 years after his father killed his mother, he confronted his father.

Early Life And Education Of Collier Landry

Collier Landry was born Collier Landry Boyle in 1978 in Ohio, United States of America. Landry prefers using his middle name as his surname. He was born to father Dr. John Boyle and mother Noreen Boyle. Both his father and mother belonged to White ethnicity, so Landry is also a White American by ethnicity and he is American by nationality.

Regarding his siblings, he has an adopted sister that his parents adopted from Taiwan. They named him “Elizabeth Boyle”.

They lived in a house located in Mansfield, Ohio where the horrible incident of his father killing his mother took place. He studied at his local school and completed his higher education from Ohio State University. He has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. 

Collier Landry’s Career

Landry’s career started when he started working at his own company titled Collier Landry Productions as freelance filmmaker and cinematographer. While working at his own company, he made the documentary about the incident that plagued his childhood. He started working in January 2010 and has worked here for more than 9 years.

In 2016, he started working at Don’t Touch My Radio LLC, a company which he co-founded, as a cinematographer and producer.

How He Became Famous?

Landry became famous after he made a documentary on a real-life incident that took place in his life. His father killed his mother when he was 11 years old at his home in Mansfield, Ohio.

His father was cheating on his mom with a woman named Sherri who was also pregnant with his father's baby. According to the reports by a local newspaper, Noreen filed for divorce in November 1989. She cited that John showed extreme mental cruelty and neglect towards her.

In the late evening of December 30th in 1989, John came home and slept on the couch. When the night turned into early dawn, the next day Noreen woke John up and started asking him questions about money, Sherri and baby with his mistress.

According to John, Noreen approached him with a knife and he hit her and pushed her in an attempt to defend himself. He added that when he pushed her, she hit her head against a wooden table. John hid the body below the basement of a house he had purchased in Erie, Pennsylvania. The police took weeks to find the body that was wrapped in a tarp and a plastic bag was placed on her head.

In the video shown below, Landry confronts his dad 30 years after he killed his mother. The confrontation is intense and the emotions can be felt through the screen. 

His father was sentenced to life in prison for a count of murder a well as abusing a corpse. He has his next parole hearing in 2020.

Collier Landry’s Net Worth

Collier Landry is a cinematographer and a producer who has worked in the industry for almost a decade. He has amassed a net worth of $500,000 as of 2018. The average salary of a cinematographer ranges of $27,590 and $59,430 per year.

As for his earnings from his films, he has chosen not to reveal them to the public. Most of his films have budgets ranging from $3k -$500k.

Collier Landry’s Personal Life

Landry is dating Kirstie Turney as of January 2019. They have not revealed any more information than this regarding their relationship. Adding to this, he has also remained secretive about his relationships before he started dating Kirstie Turney. He is not married yet but we hope the couple will get married in the future and Turney will be his future wife. 

Turney is also involved in the film business, she has an official site where she has posted her resume. She is a cinematographer, video editor and freelance producer who has been active since May 2013

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