CNBC's Jim Cramer estimated Net Worth around $100 million. What's his Annual Salary in 2017?

James J. Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money, currently works at CNBC network. The former investment manager and the author James has skyrocketed his net worth to $100 million. Jim is one of the richest financial analysts in the America. 

Jim Cramer's Net worth and Earning sources

In 1987, Jim started his career with his own hedge fund company ‘Cramer and Co’. He ran this hedge fund for fourteen years and had only one year of loss.

Image: Jim Cramer

Image: Jim Cramer

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Jim eventually retired from his company in 2001, yielding an overall annual average return of more than $10 million each year. Henceforth, his net worth has reached $100 million in these days.

Jim’s show Mad Money has raised its popularity consistent for many years. He earns a good amount from the show that also helps him to keep consistent his net worth.

Jim’s professional journey

In 1994, Cramer’s co-founded, a website that provides commentary and advice in the stock market. He co-founded the websites along with his friend Martin Peretz.

.@JimCramer exposes the ugly truth about how top callers damage your wealth

— Mad Money On CNBC (@MadMoneyOnCNBC) February 25, 2017

As of now, his company is valued at $80 million. In 2005, CNBC signed him for launching the new show Mad Money, related to stock market analysis.

According to CNBC’s website in an article titled, "Mad Money Manifesto," the following statement was made by Jim Cramer,

The show's mission statement and Cramer's job is not to tell you what to think, but to teach you how to think about the market like a pro. This show is not about picking stocks. It's not about giving you tips that will make you money overnight – tips are for waiters. Our mission is educational, to teach you how to analyze stocks and the market through the prism of events.

Mad Money’s popularity has risen consistently over the past twelve years, making it one of the highly rated investment shows on CNBC.

His success on Mad Money has allowed him to host and appear as a guest on various investment shows across several broadcasting companies.

Image: Jim Cramer

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He has been featuring as a guest on prominent shows related to investment finance, such as Arrested Development, The Daily Show, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Apprentice and many others shows.

Jim Cramer: Actor and Author

Jim also appeared in the 2008 hit film Iron Man mimicking Stark industries on his show Mad Money. The movie directed by Jon Favreau and it featured Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges, and many others.

In 2010, he appeared in another movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, directed by Oliver Stone. The movie featured Michael Douglas, Shea LaBeouf, Josh Brolin and other artists.

Jim Cramer is also a bestselling author. He has released seven books and his books are mainly focus on how to be rich, investment analysis and share market.


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